Sunday, November 16, 2008

Prop 8 Protest Pictorial

I saw. I chanted. I hoped. I photographed.
protest prop 8 001
protest prop 8 002
protest prop 8 005
protest prop 8 007
protest prop 8 009
protest prop 8 010
protest prop 8 012
protest prop 8 016
protest prop 8 017
protest prop 8 019
protest prop 8 020
protest prop 8 021
protest prop 8 022
protest prop 8 023
protest prop 8 024
protest prop 8 025
protest prop 8 026
protest prop 8 027
protest prop 8 029
protest prop 8 032
protest prop 8 030
protest prop 8 034
protest prop 8 035
protest prop 8 037
protest prop 8 039
protest prop 8 043
protest prop 8 044
protest prop 8 045
protest prop 8 046
protest prop 8 048
protest prop 8 052
protest prop 8 054
protest prop 8 055
protest prop 8 057
protest prop 8 058
protest prop 8 059
protest prop 8 060
protest prop 8 061
protest prop 8 062
protest prop 8 063
protest prop 8 066
protest prop 8 067
protest prop 8 071
protest prop 8 072
protest prop 8 075
protest prop 8 085
protest prop 8 078
protest prop 8 082
protest prop 8 086
protest prop 8 087
protest prop 8 084
protest prop 8 089
Did you protest, too? Do you have pictures? Let me know. I will link you.
* More of my pics in my Flickr set.
* Coverage by the Los Angeles Times.
* More L.A. pics at Son Mis Locuras and her Flickr set.
* Angie Eats Peace protested in Redlands.


  1. I didn't protest today because we had hurricanes! I haven't been able to see if others were successful but I'm going to check the news today. I hope it wasn't a complete wash-out. But your photos are amazing. Funny how one side's signs are much more creative and make more sense than the other's....

  2. I proudly protested in Boston with thousands of others, despite the rain and the wind. I stood next to a couple holding a sign that said "we've been together for 45 years, but married for only 6 months." I stood next to a man who told me he has 4 sons, 2 are gay and 2 are straight - he hugged me for a long time when he said "yeah, we're a funny family" and I replied "no, you're a family" (and you know that I hate strangers touching me, so that's a prime example of the power of love!)

    Great pictures - I'll try to upload some of the ones that I took in Boston.

  3. Clever signs.
    I'm so sad for CA and the US that Prop 8 passed. Sigh.

  4. This is probably my favorite post of yours ever.

  5. One of my favorites invoked Liza Minnelli.

  6. I love these photos and I love all of those signs.

  7. Wow. Wow. We're watching this unfold here in New York... feeling somewhat helpless. This is one of the best pictorials I've seen yet. You've captured a lot of great scenes... the signs are so amazingly powerful. Lots of great ones but my fave has to be the one that says, "Fine, cut your own hair!" Ha! Nothing like a little humor to help make a really awful situation a little lighter.
    Great job!
    :) Robin
    cinnamon & honey

  8. I was so bummed I didn't go. Stupid sickness and stupid medicine that's been knocking me out. The pictures are absolutely beautiful and are a great reminder of what the fight is truly's love and equality.

  9. These are fantastic photos! I wasn't able to protest yesterday, but I did last weekend at Saddleback Church. Photos on my blog.

    Yes, we can!

  10. Weezer- Your photographs are becoming *amazing* -- I can really see the improvement, and you weren't bad before! You'll have to share some tips with me sometime.

    Oh, and I loved the subject, too. Some of the signs were very witty. It feels great to see people come together and fight for these rights.

  11. OMG, I LOVED the sign that said "Fine!!! Cut your own hair!" Great signs with pithy, smart, funny slogans that make all kinds of sense. Lots of signs that also made me want to cry. Thanks for posting these and your continued, vocal support of such an important moment in our history.

  12. I was too distracted by the beautiful weather and people wearing shorts to fully comprehend all your pictures. But they were excellent. I especially liked the chicken.

  13. These photos are amazing. I could have looked at a hundred more of them.

  14. Those are really, really great pictures. The signs are great. Some of them are horrific.

  15. Some of those signs had me in stiches!!

  16. Holy shit, those are great pictures!

  17. Love your blog. This is the best post yet; amazing pictures. My bf in San Diego is keeping me updated as I carry on with grad school in WV. I am also trying to do my part by keeping my classmates aware of this horribly unnecessary situation. Thank you for doing your part.

  18. Great photos! And I'm not trying to trivialize it all, but that "fine, cut your own hair" sign is really, really funny. :o)

  19. I didn't but I would have. Let me know when there is another one so I can try to go. Great pictures. Great cause.

    I think my grandma is going to disown me after our "discussions" about this issue. She went so far as to call ME stupid. Wow.

  20. oh man, I teared up at my desk about 3/4 way through. Great pictures, I felt like I was there :)

  21. my favorite is "fine! cut your own damn hair."


  22. these pictures are amazing. i hope all of these protests bring some truth to the situation and wake some idiots up.

  23. Just now getting around to commenting, but I saw this when you posted and teared up. I wish I could have been at one of the protests, and I'm so glad that people like you WERE there.

  24. Wonderful and varied pix! Here is a link to some of the better ones I took at the same rally.

  25. Awesome post, it looks like an amazing turnout.

    I protested in Redlands, I have a few pictures in my blog.

  26. Thank you Monkey. Thank you.

    My mom said to me the other day, "To hell with this Prop 8. As far as your father and I are concerned, when you say you're married, you're married."

    And my father said: "That's right, son. And maybe HE'LL watch football with me."

    I love my parents.


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