Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Work at The Office

Do you watch The Office? I totally work at The Office. I even had ethics training last week, and Bax and I both sang under our breaths, "Let's get ethical! Ethical!" We were part of the "Integrity" team, and we laughed so hard when Wienerdude whispered, "Excellence, you're going down!"

You had to be there.

Today The Office hosted a Native American presentation at lunch. Here's the Navajo fry bread taco I ate. Yummy.
navajo 004
Traditional garb.
navajo 006
navajo 007
navajo 010
navajo 011
All at The Office.

And here's a pic I took yesterday on my way home.
navajo 001
All the smoke and ashes of the fires created some incredibly vivid colors. It seems my point-and-shoot (and shaky one-handed camera-slinging) didn't really capture the beauty that I saw, but I tried.


  1. Using a point-and-shoot one handed, while trying to steer AND avoid the center divider, i'd say you captured the beauty pretty dang good.

  2. We got to go to a training at an tribal casino once. But there was no dancing. :-(

  3. indian fry bed taco = dericious
    ethics training = laughable
    "The Office" = my favorite

    That little p&s did a pretty good job if you ask me, considering the fact that you were driving I'd say you didn't do too bad either.

  4. I love Navajo fry bread, but never thought to combine it with tacos. Hmm.

  5. ditto what liz said. fry bread is scrumptious. i love all forms of bread, actually. and isn't it ironic that the destructive, terrifying fires could create such awe-inspiring sunsets?

  6. I think I also might work at "The Office," but in a totally different way than you described. That taco looks so tasty I could eat two right now.

  7. I work in The Office like settings as well. My work bff and I have figured everyone out. I am Pam of course, but I still like my graphic design!!

  8. i wish i worked at the office! I'd even temp there.

    I always worry about you socal bloggers when I hear about stuff like that :(

  9. oh- and i DO totally eat it up when you tell me about brother monkey's musings with celebs ;)

  10. Does anyone in your office suffer from nipple chaffing when running? That would be awesome.

  11. love fry bread! Learned how to make it when I stayed on a navajo reservation one summer, but have since forgotten. Your office is definitely more high budget than The Office. Otherwise your supervisor would be doing the dance him/herself.

  12. This totally kicks the ass of any sensitivity or ethics training I've ever taken.

  13. Was this in honor of Thanksgiving? The date that marks the beginning of the end for Native Americans?

  14. What I wouldn't give to be part of your office - seriously, pass me some of that bread.

  15. that's sort of cool that you had native american culture training and what have you. and hey free tasty food is always good too right?

  16. I can't be sure, but I think that years ago I was partnered up in a quinceƱera with one of those dancing dudes. Or maybe all look same in feathers?

  17. They served that for lunch at your office? Seriously? It looks delish! Can I work there too?
    (I was trying to come up with a funny "that's what she said" joke to go along with "The Office" theme but I got nothing. NOTHING! Blah! Long day!)
    :) Robin

  18. i think i've almost convinced myself to pick up a cute little p&s like yours. my current one is so crappy.


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