Saturday, November 22, 2008

Meatfest, Part I

If you don't eat meat, this post will be full of your alimentary nemesis.
porto alegre 002Porto Alegre (260 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena) is an oft-overlooked churrascaria at the Paseo Colorado mall, which, in a gaudy show of progressiveness, erected this giant menorah to balance out all the Christmas decorations. Challah at yo' girl!
porto alegre 003
Carnivores, hurry over to Porto Alegre, even though you may have your doubts when you walk into a relatively empty dining room straight from the '80s.
porto alegre 007
porto alegre 008
Fogo de Chão, it is not. But you won't pay Fogo prices either, and you won't experience that dreaded restaurant chain feel. I put Porto Alegre on about the same level as Picanha and Gauchos Village. I might give a slight edge to Porto Alegre for its more diverse non-meat offerings, a far quieter and relaxed atmosphere, and friendlier and more attentive service.

Fear not, though. This is a place you can take a constant-cell-phone-wielding father-in-law and a lively little niece. It's the perfect Brazilian barbecue restaurant for a family celebration.
porto alegre 033
I am always a sucker for pão de queijo. Warm. Chewy. Cheesy. Love this bread.
porto alegre 009
Here's what I got from the buffet -- various salads, prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe, pepper cheese, cured ham, roasted Parmesan-crusted red potatoes, and baked shrimp pasta. There were probably 20 more options beyond this!
porto alegre 010
Like at other churrascarias with rodizio service, multitudes of passadors visit your table with long skewers and huge swords speared through meat, meat, and more meat. Sadly, I sat in a corner without a clear shot of our passadors and with rather dim lighting. But here's the claw I used to retrieve meat off the swords.
porto alegre 014
The passadors heed the call of this wooden trinket on your table. Green at the top shouts, "Keep the meat coming, boys!" Red at the top surrenders, "I am about to burst. Please. No. More." I took this shot at the end of our meal.
porto alegre 031
I'm not sure why there's a recipe for caipirinhas on it, but that's what the text is.

Clockwise from the upper left: barbecued chicken, sausage, garlic steak, bacon-wrapped turkey, and sirloin. The chicken and garlic steak were especially good.
porto alegre 013
Ribeye, pork loin, skirt steak, beef rib.
porto alegre 015porto alegre 016
porto alegre 017porto alegre 020
Bacon-wrapped filet mignon. Crunchy outside, rich and tender inside.
porto alegre 023
Lamb chop.
porto alegre 024
Porto Alegre has a dessert menu, but we were so stuffed that we opted for fruit and fried sugar-cinnamon bananas from the buffet.
porto alegre 028
Little Monkey Niece made this card for Mr. Monkey.
porto alegre 032


  1. This post brings to mind that Hillshire Farms commercial:

    "Go meat!"

  2. Even after reading the rest of the post, I'm still laughing at "Challah at yo' girl!" :)

  3. yuk yuk yuk at "Challah at yo girl"!

  4. Oh man this post brings back memories of my meat orgy in Brazil. The filet with bacon looks really good though.

  5. Raising hand Jewish girl who also laughed at "Challah at yo!"

  6. I can't believe how much Monkey Niece is growing before your blog. wow. She is just too cute.

  7. "Challah at yo' girl!"


  8. such a cute card!

    we've walked by this place a zillion times, as it's right next to a cigar club. we even went in once, but they basically ignored us, so we still have yet to give it a shot.

    and i LOVE meat.

  9. The card the LMN made for Mr. Monkey is so sweet!

  10. I haven't been to a churriscaria in such a long time. Those offerings look so tasty!

  11. You had me at "Meatfest, Part 1."

  12. i want all that meat. (that's what she said)

  13. LMN is so cute! As much as I love meat, for some reasons I don't love all-you-can-eat places :-P

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