Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Coldplayed Out

It was a dark and stormy night. Really, it was.
coldplay honda center 001
When we got to the Honda Center, it was drizzling a bit, nothing major. We were comfy in our heavy-duty rain gear, but we got such weird looks from people when we got to our seats.

You can guess how this turns out.

I ventured to the restroom and saw this in the stall.
coldplay honda center 003
Yes, a cup-holder. Gross.

Then we settled in our seats and watched this travesty.

This crap went on for over 20 minutes. When the guy was done, Mr. Monkey said, "Thank God it's over," and the row in front of us laughed.

I watched in awe as this dude climbed high above the crowd to prepare for Coldplay's set.
coldplay honda center 007
Then this guy took the stage.
coldplay honda center 014 (Chris Martin)
coldplay honda center 015 (Chris Martin)
Violet Hill


In My Place


Fix You

And that's all I captured. Why? Because Camera Usher Nazi Tramp shut me down. Who is Camera Usher Nazi Tramp? Camera Usher Nazi Tramp is the bitch who got in my face and said, "No recording. Regular pictures only." When I protested that at least a dozen other people in the vicinity were doing the same thing, Camera Usher Nazi Tramp just glared at me. Camera Usher Nazi Tramp watched me the whole time. Unbearable. Shackling. Fucking Camera Usher Nazi Tramp.

Now that I got that out of my system, let me tell you my thoughts about the concert. Upon further reflection today, I think my experience was rather colored by the above, but I still maintain that last night's concert simply wasn't as good as the one we went to in July at The Forum.

The Forum show was more alive, more exciting, just...more. The Forum show also included "Trouble," a favorite of mine. Further, I think "Yellow" worked better acoustically than "The Scientist" did. Hearing "The Scientist" done all folksy in the crowd did nothing for me, whereas it almost made me teary-eyed in its heartfelt original form with Chris Martin on piano at The Forum.

Aside from that, Martin flubbed a number of times, which I found odd, in light of the fact the band has been on tour for many months now. The audible "Oh, fuck" was endearing, yes, but we were expecting a more polished show. That was not the only error, though. Martin was quite the butterfingers on the ivories all night. It was sort of ghastly actually and made me wish for the amazingness that is Matthew Bellamy.


Nevertheless, like I said before, no Coldplay concert can be bad.

Fun highlights:
* Martin injected a little of The Killers into "Viva La Vida" and sang a small portion of "Human" during the song.

* During "The Hardest Part," Martin altered the lyrics to "..and the hardest thing was seeing the Jonas Brothers younger than me [sic]."

* Martin mentioned that "Viva La Vida" was written by Joe the Plumber in 1981.
Were we still happy we went? Of course. And we laughed all the way to our car in our rain gear, while the dolled-up masses stood huddled and stranded at the doors, unable to brave the torrential downpour.


  1. Love the new nickname for the camera nazi.

  2. I kinda like calling someone cunt when I'm super pissed. I'm not phazed by it, but most people are, and that pleases me.

    Good job on probably offending other people, but not me =)

  3. I saw Coldplay at the Hollywood Bowl a few years ago. I loooooved it. I can't imagine watching them anywhere else.

    Did you read the Rolling Stone article on Chris Martin a few issues ago? In one part he talked about being insecure marrying the girl who dated Brad Pitt. Very interesting read.

  4. Well, this was my first Coldplay show and I had nothing to compare it to, so of course I loved it. I think I would have rather have heard The Scientist (my favorite song of theirs) done normally on piano rather than acoustic, though.

    I'm glad you at least got video of Clocks. I'm not one to get at all sentimental about Young/being married, but as soon as I heard the first notes of that song last night I burst into tears...that's the song I walked down the aisle to.

  5. I am not a huge fan of Coldplay, but I bet it would be a good live show.

    I love my rain gear.

  6. I'm not really a fan but I do love the Scientist. It's the only song of their I have so I'm sure it was a bummer not to hear it done well.

    Cupholder in the bathroom is sick!

  7. i always love giggling at the dolled-up concertgoers. because, i mean, really? REALLY???

  8. that opening act made me want to die.

  9. I must look for this Rolling Stone article on Chris Martin.

  10. i noticed the cupholder too! i said to jim "so, they don't have cupholders here at the seats. instead, they put them in the bathroom stalls." so icky. :/

    like jess, this being our first concert and all, we loved it. i'm super impressed at your awesome seats and am massively pissed on your behalf over stupid camera nazi. booooo!


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