Saturday, November 22, 2008

Meatfest, Part II

You would think that all-you-can-eat meat on Thursday was enough for us.

si gol 040
Friday night, we met some of Mr. Monkey's college friends for all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue at Si Gol Ssam Bob (480 N. Western Avenue, Los Angeles, (323) 467-0100).
si gol 006
See those vents on the ceiling? They are useless. Your clothes will smell like beef. Your bag will smell like beef. Your hair will smell like beef. I think even my socks smell like beef.

For $14.99, you can get unlimited chadolbaegi (brisket), kalbi (beef rib), bulgogi (thinly sliced marinated beef), samgyeopsal (pork belly), makchang and gobchang (large and small intestine), and some other typical accompaniments.
si gol 007
Some introductory panchan (side dishes).
si gol 008
si gol 009
The accoutrements for your meat: doenjang ssamjang (bean paste), fresh greens, and sea salt-sesame oil and sweet jalapeƱo dipping sauces.
si gol 012
si gol 014
si gol 015
Gyeran jjim (steamed egg).
si gol 017
Soju with hilarious packaging.
si gol 034
si gol 011
si gol 019
si gol 016
Kalbi in lettuce with ssamjang. I like kalbi the best.
si gol 020
Samgyeopsal. It's basically bacon.
si gol 023
Beware when grilling intestines. They pop and splatter a lot before they shrivel to their final crispy chewy state. I like mine really charred.
si gol 025
si gol 026
For $2.00 extra, you can get all the small squid you can eat.
si gol 032
si gol 033
si gol 037
I kind of felt like Sigourney Weaver tackling Aliens.

After you give up on grilled meat, you slurp up dongchimi guksu (cold noodle soup with daikon and green onions).
si gol 039
I'm not usually a fan of cold noodles, but I do like them after a meaty meal like this. They feel oddly cleansing.


  1. I hope you wore your 'meat' sweater. It just adds another depth to the ramen/meat infused sweater. Yum!

    Now i'm craving cold noodles. Your blog makes me hungry all the time.

  2. I feel like I learned a lot reading this post.

    The squid looks really delicious. I love squid.

  3. mmmm, bulgogi.

    that's quite a sex-ay beverage you got there.

  4. i'm getting k-bbq this week; your post made me THAT much more excited. ;-) btw -- the sauce you put with your meat is called ssam jang, a hybrid of (the more spicy) kochujang with the fermented dwenjang paste. yumm!

  5. Thanks, Angel! I've made the correction above!

  6. Wow, that squid. Um, yuck. Color me nauseated.

  7. That is a meat fest part 2 indeed. I'm not gonna lie, the intestines made me gag a little. ;)

  8. Bulgogi is my fave. Why do korean bbq places all look same?

  9. As much as I love your photography, this post might have made me go vegetarian! *lol*

  10. the first 4 pics of this post look straight out of Decor8! You're photography is getting more fierce each restaurant you go to!

  11. Hee. Meat sweater. I haven't had squid in a long time.


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