Sunday, November 23, 2008

Win-Win Situation

Winnie's in town! Winnie's in town!

We celebrated the brief return of our friend at Daisy Mint (1218 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena), a contemporary Thai fusion eatery.
daisy mint 001
If you're not a particularly adventurous eater and would like to try something new, Daisy Mint would be an excellent candidate for your initial foray into Thai cuisine. The restaurant's interior is cute and welcoming and decidedly not Asian.
daisy mint 041
daisy mint 004
daisy mint 010
The exposed brick and tinge of Rachel Ashwell-ness notwithstanding, Daisy Mint's food is surprisingly not too Americanized and pleased the palates of our party, which included 5.5 Asian patrons.

Having just watched Twilight, Winnie and Lilcee arrived a little early and were already sitting and chatting when I entered. We shared some salmon rolls -- fresh and innovative. In other words, the opposite of the movie they just saw.
daisy mint 006
Daisy Mint has a fairly extensive selection of teas. I opted for spiced apple pie rooibos tea ($3.50). It was fantastically fragrant. I liked it so much that I had three French presses' worth.
daisy mint 011
When the whole group assembled, the deliciousness really started rolling in. These crab meat cheese wontons ($4.95) were little golden triangles of yum.
daisy mint 022
Even better, in my opinion, was the roti and curry special of the day ($3.95). The roti was perfectly flaky and buttery and paired wonderfully with the curry.
daisy mint 024
I think the Waterfall pork salad ($10.95) with grilled marinated pork, shallots, scallions, rice powder, greens, and spicy lime dressing could convert non-salad-eaters. I loved the combination of char and tang.
daisy mint 025
The pad see ew ($11.95) with shrimp, egg, garlic, Chinese broccoli, and black bean sauce was bouncy (yes, I call good noodles "bouncy") and well-seasoned.
daisy mint 028
The honey pork ($10.95) accompanied by green apple salsa was tasty, although I preferred the Waterfall pork salad. I suspect that the two were the same thing or at least strikingly similar, yet the pork worked better in the salad.
daisy mint 027
Those who like hot dishes will enjoy the chilies and basil with chicken ($8.95). It is the ideal topping for a heaping mound of steamed rice.
daisy mint 031
The kitchen ran out of our desired garlic string beans, so we settled for some chicken fried rice. This one was a snoozer. Skip.
daisy mint 033
My favorite dish of the night by far was the pineapple curry with duck ($11.95) infused with cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, and basil. Rich and flavorful and really well-executed.
daisy mint 030
Winnie's birthday is Monday, so clearly we needed dessert.
daisy mint 035
Mango and sticky rice always delights. The warm sweet rice makes me happy.
daisy mint 038
Then there was the chocolate lava cake and ice cream.
daisy mint 040
And just so Winnie isn't the only one pictured here, I'll post these, too.
daisy mint 042
daisy mint 044
Happy birthday, Winnie! Thanks for including us in your short visit!


  1. What a cool restaurant-- looks like a fun night with yummy food!

  2. that food looks tasty!

    happy birthday, winnie!

  3. I've been craving mango and sticky rice for a couple weeks now - this is not helping.

  4. Happy Birthday W!

    Great company and great food. I'm still craving the roti. What was absolutely delish. I want to go back today for lunch.

  5. Looks and sounds great! What a fun dinner. :) Happy birthday to Winnie!

  6. okay this place looks awesome and as a pasdena resident i don't know how i've never heard of it. definitely adding it to my list of places to go.

  7. ditto, that place looks tasty! I'm adding it to my list!

  8. This makes my falafel look tragic and sad.

  9. ....tragic and sad being variations on the same concept. I need an expanded vocabulary, clearly.

  10. Your friends are all so pretty.
    Also, I want that pineapple curry. WANTTTT.

  11. Looove the blog post title!

    And I need to teach myself how to make that sweet sticky rice. Mmm...

  12. Is that a potato head I see?

    Great pics, as always.

  13. i looove daisy mint. i especially adore that the owners recognize me every time i visit. they make me feel like a vip. ;-)

  14. So much fun and so much good food :) I love the title! Thanks for the fab photos.

  15. i love daisy mint! esp those 2 appetizers. yummy. now i have to go try that pineapple curry next time.

  16. Love the pics of the delish food. Love even more pics of Winnie's face back on your blog. Happy Birthday, Winnie!

  17. Happy birthday Winnie!

    That lava cake looks fantastic--and like you, I don't normally go for chocolate.

  18. Lucky girls, you guys always have a good time.=)

  19. as always, so much fun. it was wonderful to see our dear winnie again!

    and my new favorite thing - sweet sticky rice. yum!

  20. so so so good to see you guys and enjoy a delicious meal.

    your photos make the food look better than it did IRL. kudos.

    happy bday, winnie!

  21. This is one of those warm fuzzy posts. I love reading the ones about when the ladies get together. Welcome home Winnie! (for now at least)


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