Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Capital Time

Brother Monkey and I met Mama Monkey and her hubby for dinner last night at our usual halfway point of Rowland Heights.
capital seafood 009
Capital Seafood Restaurant (1015 Nogales Street, Rowland Heights) is one of the better restaurants at the 99 Ranch plaza.
capital seafood 001
It's not much to look at.
capital seafood 008
But the Cantonese food is reliable and fast. Everything we had was quite tasty and ranged from $8.00 to $13.00, save the crab, which was market price.

Jie lan with oyster sauce. Fresh and delicious.
capital seafood 002
Beef and assorted vegetables over fried noodles. Very good. You can't see the noodles here, but they were golden and great -- partially crunchy, partially soft.
capital seafood 003
Fried fish. Not sure what kind. Does it matter? You know I liked it.
capital seafood 004
Fried tofu. The outside was lovely, light, and crisp. Always a delight.
capital seafood 005
Crab! It was in a tank just minutes before we ate it. Yummy for my tummy.
capital seafood 006
Complimentary hot tapioca dessert. Enjoyable.
capital seafood 007
After dinner, we went into the 99 Ranch plaza for some boba. Lollicup had run out. What? That's like an ice cream truck running out of ice cream. Bizarre. Our runner-up was Banana Cafe, where one of my old SAT prep students used to work (and would give me free boba).
banana cafe 012
Gotta love buy one, get one free. The tea could've been sweeter, but the boba were nice and bouncy.
banana cafe 013
It was fun to see my family. Everyone is doing well!


  1. I've been to Lollicup 3 times, and twice they have been out of boba :/ That beef and noodle dish looks yummy.

  2. Rowland Heights was the middle point between my parents and us too! We used to go to the veggietarian place (the one next to that weird gift / air freshener / sanrio shop) all the time.

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  4. YUM!!!! I don't even like seafood and this all looked amazing anyway!

  5. i miss boba, sadly the swiss haven't discovered it yet. once i thought about trying to make it, but it was way to complicated

  6. I think it's cute that you guys get together so often.

  7. I want to be a member of the Monkey family :-(

  8. Boba sounds so good right now. Glad you got to see the fam!

  9. glad all is well with your family! man, so many good eats near you. seriously, almost every day, i say, "i wanna go eat with weemo!"

  10. Don't get me wrong. I still hit it up once a week for lunch fixings, but our 99 Ranch is the weakest one I've ever been to. We only have one boba place, and it's not even a lollicup.

  11. Yay for another great meal! Happy you had fun with the fam :)

  12. mmm, that looks really delish.


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