Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rocket Man

I realize that this blog has been the No on Prop 8 Channel lately, but the issue really is this significant. This is not simply some text on a ballot. This is not a time to say, "Sorry it didn't pass." To do so trivializes this monumentally important cause and, frankly, is incredibly offensive.

Your choice affected people's lives.
Your inking "yes" took away rights from an entire group of people.
You took away rights.
Read it again.
YOU took away rights.

And, if you don't understand this, you make me really sad.

But my arms remain open to you because I'd rather try to educate you than have you remain staunch about your vote.

This entry isn't going to be about Prop 8, but I do want to say that my friends are awesome, and you should read what they have to say.

Of note is Sable Crow's most recent tale about protesting and actually changing the mind of one individual with whom he had an impromptu hour-long conversation. If this story doesn't make you want to add him to your Google Reader, I don't know what will. This entry may be even more eye-opening than the one I linked yesterday.

I also encourage you to read Glam's take on what it means to vote no on Prop 8 while still being devout. You can believe in God and still be against Prop 8. The two are not mutually exclusive, and hiding behind the shroud of religion is cowardly.

And that is my Repeal Prop 8 spiel of the day.

Now on to basketball!

Last night, we went to watch the Clippers with our friends, Mr. and Mrs. Nittany.
clippers rockets 001
Can you say nosebleed? Yeah!
clippers rockets 006
clippers rockets 011
At least the opponents were the Houston Rockets. I was excited to see Yao Ming. He is really something. Tons of Chinese people came out to see Yao.
clippers rockets 002
clippers rockets 003
The Clippers use really weird graphics. This Godzilla with a sombrero accompanied the "DEFENSE" chant.
clippers rockets 010
I was more impressed by these little girls at halftime than I was by the Laker girl rejects Clipper Spirit.
clippers rockets 005
As usual, I had a caramel apple with nuts. Best thing at the Staples Center.
clippers rockets 014
The Clippers lost their sixth game in a row.
clippers rockets 016
Funny how one L.A. team is so good, and the other is...not.


  1. i appreciate your voice.

    i created a random faith rant, as well.

  2. yummy...nutty, caramel apple...that's reason enough to visit Staples Center!

  3. I appreciate your continued commitment to Prop 8. I'm right there with you on that.

    Thanks also for the links. Wonderful, wonderful stuff.

  4. I love your Repeal Prop 8 comments. We had a constitutional amendment here in FL that even bans "substantial equivalents" to marriage - and it required 60% to pass - and it passed. I was so disappointed, but looking to my former state of CA for some good news on this topic (I donated to No on 8 even though I don't live there anymore). I couldn't believe what happened there.

    It has really been a huge dark cloud hanging over this otherwise happy election week.

  5. sable crow's lastest post was chill-worthy.

    yay for basketball fun. we had our first lakers game wednesday night and it was awesome. nice for the season to have commenced already.

  6. Great post on Prop 8.. all the way across the country and shaking my head. Wishing there was something I can do.
    Great shots, BTW! Some great wide angle views! And of course the apple looks yummy. (Those are my fave fall treats and I've yet to have one!)

  7. Your continued commitment to the cause is really important. Obviously, more voices like yours need to be heard, and this isn't an issue that should just disappear into the ether! I wish I could have voted on this.

  8. your nosebleed seats reminded me of when hubs and i went to the celtics game and had similar seats.. and i said "wow, i feel just like jayz and beyonce.... just 80 rows from courtside!"
    bball games are always fun!

  9. I just visited Sable Crow's site for the first time. He truly is amazing.

  10. Thank god for you. I don't believe in god, but you know what I mean.

  11. Caramel apples make almost everything better--not tyranny of the majority--but most other things.

  12. I think talking about it makes it real to some people who never considered the real effect it has.


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