Saturday, December 6, 2008


It's time for my annual L.A. Auto Show pictorial! You can see last year's here.
auto show 003auto show 002
We got free tickets again. Word.
auto show 001
Porsche Heritage Vehicle 550 Spyder. Old-school deliciousness.
auto show 006
Porsche Cayenne S Transsyberia. Ugh. So wrong.
auto show 008
Porsche Cayman. Not *that* out-of-reach. One can hope.
auto show 011
Volvo pants in all the available exterior paint colors.
auto show 013
Jaguar proves that not all sitting areas are created equal.
auto show 016
Got $495,000? This Mercedes SLR McLaren Roadster has your name on it.
auto show 022
The Mercedes-Benz GLK350 4MATIC is the stupidest thing I've ever seen.
auto show 023
auto show 036
auto show 035
auto show 037
auto show 038
auto show 040
auto show 041
auto show 042
auto show 043
auto show 044
auto show 046
auto show 048
Aston Martin.
auto show 049
auto show 050
The most ridiculous Rolls Royce ever.
auto show 053
auto show 054
Various hybrids.
auto show 025
auto show 027
auto show 106
Some concept cars.
auto show 020
auto show 075
auto show 077
The Mitsubishi Innnovative Electric Vehicle (MiEV).
auto show 064
auto show 066
"Caraoke," courtesy of Volkswagen.
auto show 068
auto show 071
auto show 074
Retro VW bug with a microphone. If you've seen the ads, this makes sense.
auto show 072
auto show 073
Infiniti G37 convertible and sedan.
auto show 079
auto show 082
auto show 080
The origins of BMW.
auto show 104
And my favorite -- all things MINI!
auto show 103
auto show 098
auto show 089
The incredible MINI E! 100% electric! Zero emissions!
auto show 088
auto show 102
auto show 087
auto show 086
A lovely MINI Cooper S.
auto show 091
auto show 090
The MINI Clubman. Oh, how I love thee!
auto show 093
auto show 095
auto show 099
auto show 100
Some more MINI Clubmans we saw around the show.
auto show 120
auto show 119
auto show 004
auto show 113
Will 2009 be the year for a new car for the Monkeys? Maybe. Maybe not. My ugly busted Purple Rain still gets me around, and I'm no longer surrounded by luxury cars in my office parking lot. My car envy has waned, and I don't dream of a new car every day anymore.

Funny how a change in environment can make such a difference.

But that MINI Clubman -- it's so perfect for us! It makes me swoon.


  1. You didn't take any pictures of my Audi! Well, mine someday. in 2050.

  2. Mini is my fave, too! I want cream with checkerboard top but am torn between that and a convertible. Choices, choices.

    Oh and Caraoke looks awesome. No wonder I was drawn to V Dubs.

  3. Awesome! Weezer Monkey loves cars too! Fun! I love the odometer on the Mini... so retro-funky. And I hate to be all James Bond-y, but I'd love to get behind the wheel of an Astin Martin. Just way too cool!
    Great shots!

  4. Wow, those are some sexy cars! The colored pants may be my favorite part though. Marketing genius!

  5. The mini is rad. Hubs won't let me get one though he thinks they're too small to be safe.


    If he had his was I'd be driving a tank. :/

    Loved the Careoke!

  6. No fair, you got to sit in the Clubman! Ugh, that stupid Mercedes truck is so ugly. You didn't get the Lamborghini girls did you? They had these girls in black catsuits come out to this loud techno music. And then the girls... just stood there. Fail.

  7. i am endlessly amused by those volvo pants.

  8. Love Minis. Love. Please buy one so I can live vicariously through you. kthnxbai

  9. Why yes I do have $495,000. ha. although the g37 is looking pretty nice (it really is in the #1 spot on my christmas list. someday...someday i will no longer have student loans).

  10. Fun!
    I'll take the blue Ferrari. But not blue.

  11. No love for Dodge? wtf? I say you go for the zero emissions Mini - schwiiiing!

  12. that mercedes is beyond fugly!

    and yes, please buy a mini so we can all live vicariously through you.

  13. What, no Hummers? Matt and I drove past a local Hummer dealership last night and the lot had emptied over night, offices as well. Ha.

  14. Excuse me, but where are the pics of you rocking some VW caraoke?

  15. What could be better than a monkey in a mini? Two monkeys in a mini!

  16. there are much fewer half naked women draped over the cars than i would have guessed.
    somehow we never manage to make it to the geneva autoshow, but you have inspired me, next year is the year!

  17. I would really like a picture of this so called 'purple rain.' I also drove an offensive colored vehicle (dark teal) for several years and eventually pretended the color was not so bad.

  18. I should take Lil Man to the Auto Show. He said he wants a Ferrari when he grows up. That's right...aim high! ;)

  19. why can't they make a hybrid that i can get down with. f. the camry has gots to go already.


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