Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lean Like a Cholo

Sometimes people ask me if I eat "normal" food.

What does that mean?

Here is my best guess at "normal," taking "normal" to mean "common." The other night, we ate at El Cholo (1121 S. Western Avenue, Los Angeles) with some of Mr. Monkey's former and current co-workers.
el cholo 001
Everybody in L.A. has been to El Cholo. It is not special. It is not exciting.

But it's good enough. In fact, it's good enough to thrive in Koreatown.

Strong margaritas make every gathering better.
el cholo 004
Chicken chimichangas ($10.95). Fried. Crunchy. Satisfying.
el cholo 006
Crabmeat enchilada ($13.95). I liked the jalapeƱo-cilantro pesto sauce, but I found the crab a bit fishy. Skip next time.
el cholo 009
El Cholo equals good times, but it always makes me thirsty. All that salt. Gah.


  1. those enchiladas look amazing.

    this is coming from a girl who can't seem to find real mexican food in her area, btw. that's saying quite a bit right there.

  2. Ok I'll admit . . . I'm not a fan of El Cholo. It's expensive for the ordinary food and like you'd mentioned, it's so dang salty.

    Sorry, El Cholo. Salty does NOT equal to tasty.

  3. looks yummy. fiance would love that place...he's a fiend for salt.

  4. i've not actually been to this el cholo - only the one in pasadena. meh.

  5. I've never been to that El Cholo, but on my way to karaoke-fest my car of hot babes was mesmerized by it's location.

  6. I remember going to El Cholo after SC games when I was a kid. Do they still have Pac-Man video game tables?!

  7. That definitely doesn't look like El Torito. Sigh.

  8. Non-hispanics LOOOOVE El Cholo. I don't get it--but I have been compelled to go for group events such as yours and always had a blast--but it was the pitchers of margaritas rather than the food that was responsible for that.

  9. in college they gave us half off with a usc id. they had me at salt.

  10. My theory on El Cholo is that the margaritas make the food better. (alcohol always does!) The food is salty so you'll drink more margaritas. Thus engaging an endless circle of booze, food, and higher sales for El Cholo.


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