Saturday, December 6, 2008

Spoonful of Scrumptious

Wood Spoon (107 W. 9th Street, Los Angeles) has the best signage.
wood spoon 022
wood spoon 029
wood spoon 033
The restaurant serves outstanding Brazilian comfort food.
wood spoon 001
It is an adorable modern high-ceilinged downtown haven.
wood spoon 008
wood spoon 007
wood spoon 005
wood spoon 035
The complimentary orange water is fragrant and refreshing.
wood spoon 006
Our drinks were awesome and tart -- "Arna Pala" (iced tea + limeade) and strawberry limeade ($3.50 each). We love limeade!
wood spoon 010wood spoon 013
The owner of Wood Spoon is a wonderful warm woman full of good stories about food from her childhood. When we arrived, we were lucky to be the only patrons and chatted with her about her favorite things on the menu. She was amused by my picture-taking.

We started with the mix plate ($8), which included coxinha (fried dumpling stuffed with chicken), kibe (bulgur wheat, mint, and ground beef), pastel Portuguese (fried dumpling stuffed with shrimp and coconut sauce), Portuguese croquette (potato and cod), and potato croquette.
wood spoon 012
Every single thing on this plate was delicious. My favorite was the pastel Portuguese, which also happens to be the favorite appetizer of Wood Spoon's owner. Here's everything cut in half, so you can see inside.
wood spoon 014
We were mmm-ing and ohh-ing with just this, but that was only the beginning.

The Brazilian chicken pot pie ($11) was steeped with chicken galore, hearts of palm, olives, and roasted corn. I don't even like hearts of palm or olives, but this was fantastic.
wood spoon 015
The crust was golden and flaky. The filling was steaming hot and not creamy. The chicken was flavorful and tender. The corn added the perfect touch of sugar.

The masterpiece of the day, however, was the pork burger ($11) with roasted cabbage and onions on a toasted potato bun, accompanied by yam fries.
wood spoon 016
Ah. Maze. Ing.

How amazing? When I asked what he thought, Mr. Monkey said, mouth full, "So fucking good." He actually shook his head in disbelief at how incredible it was. The yam fries were crunchy and slightly sweet, and the burger was so thick and juicy and luscious and fabulous. See?
wood spoon 018
I will dream of this pork burger tonight.

When we left, the place was packed. That made me happy. Here's to hoping Wood Spoon continues to flourish.


  1. yum. it is now officially on my l.a. restaurant list for our next visit.

  2. When I first read the name "Wood Spoon," I immediately thought of a Pinkberry knockoff. But this place sounds deeeelicious! I'll add it to my list of places to go someday.

  3. Wow- I also love the décor! The Brazilians sure know how to make delicious food.

  4. I'll be the first to admit that that looks damn better than Olive Garden. I want that sampler plate. ooooh. Pretty pictures....I should really break out my nikon and start using it again too.

  5. I'm drooling at the thought of that pork burger and fries.

  6. I love the decor. The food sounds good. I hate the IE; we just don't seem to have places like this here, or maybe I just don't know where they are.

  7. I don't even eat meat, yet that food looked delish!

  8. oh looks really cute and yummy. must go. after worst koochie, maybe.

  9. The drinks pork burger and yam fries look so good. We really need to start trying out new and different restaurants here (Nashville) instead of the same old.

  10. Ooooh. I want that. All of it.

  11. I'm going to this place this weekend. Porkie, here I come!

  12. i love that you are willing to try things even when they contain ingredients you don't care for.

  13. This all looks really good, and the restaurant looks cute. Thank you for cutting everything in half to show us, I was wondering which little ball was which.

  14. YUM! I heart Brazilian food. Did you get a chance to try the “Pão de queijo” (cheeseballs)? I practically lived on those things when I was in Rio and devour them everytime we hit up a Brazilian Churrasqueria here in NY. Highly Recommended!


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