Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Today was my first anniversary at the CIA -- my workiversary!

My workiversary present was construction on the freeway and a weaving Highway Patrol car. Do you see it? It's in front and to the right of the Honda Civic in front of me. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Yes, I took a picture. I was at a total standstill!
workiversary 001
It took me 50 minutes to get to work. 50! It usually takes me 15! And it could've been even longer had I not gotten all the way over to the right lane and sped past the Highway Patrol.

Yeah, so illegal, but there was some safety in numbers.

And I really really really needed to get to work.

I was late to my own workiversary breakfast party. Everyone was gathered and waiting. Hugely embarrassing. But I got over it. You will see in Glam's pics below.
workiversary 005
workiversary 004
Loved the pan dulce. I took this one with my point-and-shoot.
workiversary 002
Wienerdude and Bax were my workiversary co-honorees.
workiversary 003 old school
We started together December 10, 2007. I heart my workiversary homies.

I love that Glam loves her new camera. I love her new camera, too! Here are a few more bonus pics....

I took this one of Glam and Mini Glam yesterday in the quad.
workiversary 007
Here's me with Mini Glam.
workiversary 008
See? I can hold babies without cringing.

Just long enough for a photo.


  1. Happy workiversary! Sounds like a great office. :-)

  2. All I get is a lousy email on my workiversary. Love the last photo. You look so HAPPY holding a baby! I never thought I'd see this day in my lifetime.

  3. December 10, 2007--the day the CIA became a fun place to work. It's a workiversary of sorts for me too!

  4. Happy workiversary! The breakfast looked yummy.

  5. happy workiversary! i'm uber jealous people remembered yours. no one remembered mine (...including

    oh gosh, mini glam is a cutie!

  6. wow, breakfast celebration on your workiversary? on my 5 yr anniversary, all I got was a "wow, it's been that long?"


  7. My office is pretty cool but we don't celebrate workiversaries, sadly. :(

  8. Happy workiversary!
    Where I work, they celebrate too... by allowing you to keep your freaking job. (Good times!)
    Glad you had a fun day!

  9. That's so cool that the CIA celebrates workiversary.

    All I get is a review. heh.

    Ditto Winnie. You look like a pro holding babies.

  10. a one year anniversary party! wow. i heart the cia.

  11. Hollaaaaa! Your coworkers look so fun (for boring CIA people. Ha).

  12. You look awfully snugly with that baby! Are you sure you don't like kiddos?

  13. Love the pic with you and baby Glam. It's precious! You're a natural, I tell you...

  14. yay for workiversary! i love that the CIA recognizes these.

    mini-glam is so cute!

  15. Hey, that last pictures is fetching of the both of you! What a fun celebration. You're lucky to have great co-workers. Happy workiversary!

  16. happy workiversary! its posts like these that make me long to be back in an office with fun co-workers.

  17. Happy Workiversary! I can't believe it's been that long already. I want some pan dulce.

  18. I love that you got a breakfast party for your workiversary! The CIA is a nice place.


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