Tuesday, December 9, 2008

'Tis the Season

It's been a year since these festivities. Here's the 2008 version.
cia christmas 001cia christmas 002
cia christmas 004cia christmas 006
cia christmas 007
cia christmas 008cia christmas 010
cia christmas 009
cia christmas 011
cia christmas 012cia christmas 013
cia christmas 014
This CIA goes holiday wacko, no?

Even my outfit today was sort of red and green.
cia christmas 015
For the curious: Gap pea coat, Banana Republic v-neck tee, Donna Karan silk skirt, Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Tribeca Long bag, Salvatore Ferragamo suede ballet flats with bow accents.


  1. they are pretty serious about the holiday decor!! i love the skirt & flats. ;-)

  2. v. festive decorations
    quite different than Christmas in MN!

  3. I guess there's no recession at the CIA? you are a balla with your clothes, btw! very nice.

  4. Wow, the cia goes all out. Cute outfit!

  5. For a second, I thought you worked for Tyra Banks! Except she would've made her face into the polar bear sculpture.

    LOVE the fashion recap at the end :)

  6. of course i'm curious! i think you should do one outfit pose a week! you're such an adorable little lawyer.

  7. nice outfit recap, a la diabolina.

    i dig the CIA's festive-ness. did you guys have a kids' party like FIL's company, too?

  8. Whay are the penguins pink? For some reason, I find this very disturbing.

  9. What fantastic photos. You've got such a great eye!
    And you look great too!
    Happy Holidays!

  10. I must buy stock in the CIA!! (jk). Nice outfit. That's why I said I want your wardrobe.

  11. Nice tie in between the clothing and the festive decor. :-)

  12. I can't believe you took all those pics with your p&s. You rock!

  13. i like this year's decorations. I miss those large company holiday events.

    Cute outfit. I always think you look fab in a skirt.

  14. i take that back, the cia scares me. a little bit ;)

  15. You are wearing such a nice variety of labels. A perfect advertisement for holiday shopping!

  16. Those pink bellied penguins are a little creepy.

    I want your skirt. Super cute.


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