Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bye Bye, Vegas

Some general pics -- Venetian, Palazzo, Wynn.
vegas 122vegas 123
vegas 124
vegas 126vegas 136
vegas 128
vegas 130
vegas 132
All that red stuff? Those were cranberries!
vegas 133
vegas 134
vegas 135
vegas 137
vegas 138
vegas 140
vegas 139
vegas 143
We witnessed Steve Wynn bitch out some guy in front of Blush. I snapped this quickly before I got the stink-eye from a security guard. It was a pretty awesome bitch-out session.
vegas 144
Totally fuzzy pic of the Strip. I still think it's cool.
vegas 155
Our last meal -- room service breakfast in bed!

Maryland Crab Cake Benedict ($16.95). Mmmagnificent.
vegas 148
Envy Breakfast Combo ($15.95) with two eggs, bacon, silver dollar pancakes, Yukon Gold potatoes, coffee, and juice. Lovely array of morning treats.
vegas 150
This last meal made me love our cheapo hotel even more. It really was a nice place for an even nicer price.

After noshing, we went our separate ways. Mr. Monkey went to watch more football at the sports book, and I headed to the Luxor. What was at the Luxor? While I was fast asleep, Mr. Monkey did some research and found an incredible spa deal for me -- a 25-minute pumpkin spice massage, a 25-minute pumpkin spice body scrub, and a 25-minute pumpkin spice facial all for $200 with gratuity included! What a smart and thoughtful Mr. Monkey!

The Luxor has some interesting architecture.
vegas 051
I loved my spa treatments. I felt so smooth and smelled so good! I also had a ton of tea, coffee, orange juice, cranberry juice, and lots of water as I relaxed. I definitely got $200 worth of relaxation and enjoyment. 'Twas a delicious time.

After lounging around with my bevy of beverages and mounds of magazines, I went back to the outlets to do some more damage. Yeah, I just didn't get enough the day before.

Finally, a few parting shots from the car.
vegas 153
vegas 152
Adios, Sin City!


  1. You MUST have been using the *good* camera - the photos look really good! I almost forgot where you were staying bc the last time I had breakfast in bed in Vegas that looked like that, it was $16.92...times 2.5. :-/

  2. Nice pics! My favorite one is the blurry one of the Strip. It totally works. Blurry pics are often my faves. :)

  3. I *love* eggs benedict. Good thing it's Sunday and I can go get myself some right now.

    On another note, I don't really "get" the Wynn's decor. Whimsical, but how does it tie together?

    Loved the cranberries.

  4. So many cool pictures. Love the cranberries and breakfast in bed. The shopping and massage time sound lovely too. I love Sin City!

  5. these are some of your BEST pictures yet!

  6. Even my husband said your photos rocked when he walked by my laptop :)

    [thumbs up]

  7. the cranberries at the palazzo are so cool!

    jim is having his annual winter craving for vegas. looks like we'll be making a trek there in february. yay!


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