Monday, December 22, 2008

Return of the Lithuanian

Everybody's favorite little Lithuanian is home for the holidays, so we all made the trek to the LBC for a delightful Sunday brunch overlooking the ocean.
claires 002
claires 003
Claire's at the Long Beach Museum of Art is a lovely place for groups. The last time I visited was three years ago when we were hunting for a wedding venue. I loved this place, but it was going through renovations at the time, and it was questionable whether all 5,983,762 guests of Mr. Monkey's father would fit.
claires 006
claires 004claires 005
I woke up with a great cafe au lait ($2). Yay for illy!
claires 007
We started with the Museum Work of Art ($18), comprised of fiesta flautas, calamari fritti, bruschetta, and mini spinach artichoke dip. Pretty standard fare, but enjoyable nonetheless.
claires 008
claires 009
One person actually picked up the dip-filled bread bowl and ate it.
claires 010claires 011
Stay classy, 10Years!

Young_Love's crème brûlée French toast ($13) with apples, pecans, golden raisins, and real maple syrup looked scrumptious. I kind of wish I'd sampled some before the server cleared her unfinished dish.
claires 012
Here's Fitty's shrimp omelet ($13) with avocado, tomato, and sour cream.
claires 013
ssinca had the spinach scramble ($9) with tomato and feta cheese.
claires 015
I chose the Eggstravaganza ($12) with ham, bacon, sausage, spinach, onion, tomato, bell pepper, feta cheese, and avocado. Lots of stuff, to say the least.
claires 016
You'd think that an omelet with all these fresh ingredients would be chock-full of flavor, but no. Bland City. Alas. I doused it with Tabasco. Problem solved.

Everyone else's dishes were too far to photograph, but you get the general idea.

No gathering with these girls is complete without treats!
claires 025
Dip-Filled-Bread-Bowl-Eater made these beauties.
claires 021
claires 022
Wan-nabe made these especially for me. You can see her process here.
claires 020
claires 023
I love Wan so much for always remembering. Thank you! Thank you!

Behold the Brunch Bunch.
claires 028
claires 030
claires 031
One last goofy one I took before we left.
claires 034
We miss you, ssinca! So good to see all of you!


  1. I love Claire's! This is the perfect venue - for friends and weddings :)

  2. I wish it was sunny here. And warmer.

  3. I don't know about you- but I'm glad we took that last goofy picture. WAY cute!


    Great tittle to this post btw. I <3.

  4. Fabulous view on a gorgeous day. Especially since it's been raining like sheets.

    The goodies look amazing. That's uber sweet of Wan to remember.

  5. We really lucked out with that weather! :-) Beautiful day, awesome company.

  6. Hi WeezerMonkey! I have been a lurker on your blog and am finally outing myself. I use to be on the knot boards while planning my wedding. I kind of stopped going on there about a year after the wedding due to being layed. Which left me without constant computer access. I found a link for your blog on Wan's blog. You are the ultimate foodie with great writing and photography skills! Your blog ROCKS and I love that you love Weezer and Monkeys!!! Ok, now I sound like a stalker. But I'm not. You can check out my knot bio under Monkees_Meow. The pictures got all small, I don't know why. I look forward to reading all about your adventures in Monkeyland!!

  7. I agree with Yahpee. That last pic is fun and I like it. Such beautiful weather and great location for brunch that day. Even better company and treats were icing on the cake. :)

  8. 10yrs is my kinda girl!!

    is that Kay and R in the pic? Jealous!

  9. haha love all the pics, looks so tasty. mmmmm.

  10. So sad I missed it! That last pic is fantastic.

  11. That does sound delightful...and damn you for actually taking pictures while I'm left with a stupid 2-paragraph description of a nice GTG.

  12. Only in southern CA can we have brunch outdoors like this! I am so happy we got a chance to see our Lithuanian girl while she was here, and it was awesome seeing some of my favorite girls before we kiss 2008 goodbye. Thanks for the photos!

  13. bwahahahaha - love the title of the post!

    it was so nice to see everyone!

  14. such a fun brunch - it was wonderful to see everyone, and it gave me the perfect opportunity to make some goodies :) the hub thanks you for your chocolate allergy, btw - he digs the PB truffles vs. the candy cane ones.

  15. Fun! The last pic is too cute!

  16. so sad i missed this. instead, i was circling LAX. and watching a friend buy lots of ribbon.

    i'm impressed at dip eater. both at her dip eating and baking-ish skills.

  17. The title is hilarious!! I miss ya too ssinca :(

    The pictures are too cute of all of you gorgeous ladies.

  18. The last one is so cute and funny.

  19. man, i missed a lot of all your goin' ons. damn facebook, easier to visit my facebook then to visit my favorite bloggers. but my new rez is clean up my google reader.

    btw, i am living through you and all the places you dine, gosh, i can't remember the last time the hubs and i went to eat at a nice place, but this is the life i chose so i ain't complaining.

  20. i'm sad i didn't get to hang out with you girls. the food looks amazing. and we know the company was good times. fun afternoon :)


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