Friday, October 24, 2008

8 Against 8

8 Against 8 is a campaign of eight lesbian bloggers who have "come together in a unified and collaborative effort to help place the discriminatory ballot initiative called Proposition 8 in its rightful place in the dust heap of history."

My pals at Grace the Spot (i.e., the geniuses behind Stuff Lesbians Like) are one of these eight! If you haven't already donated to the cause, please consider doing so here. This is way too important to hope that other people do their part. Do yours!


  1. This looks awesome - thanks for spreading the word.

  2. the ads about teaching marriage in schools is like the worst thing I had ever seen. i thought it was an snl parody. the world depresses the shit out of me lately.

  3. How awesome! I missed the boat but it looks like they did a great job of raising awareness and money.

  4. I'm late on the bandwagon, but looks like a great site!


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