Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Not Hot Stuff

How does Stuffed Sandwich (1145 E. Las Tunas Drive, San Gabriel) stay in business?
stuffed sandwich 001
It's ugly.
stuffed sandwich 002
It's cluttered (and steeped with conservative propaganda).
stuffed sandwich 003
It's rude.
stuffed sandwich 004
The food sucks.
stuffed sandwich 005
This is my spaghetti and meatball half sandwich with cheese ($5.25). I could make something tastier.

And we all know what kind of cook I am.

Even my vanilla shake's blandness disappointed me.
stuffed sandwich 006
How can you ruin a shake?! And it was $4.75! Boo! Not going back.


  1. The conservative propaganda would have sent me running...I'm a little heated recently when it comes to conservatives with an attitude like that. Sorry you had a bad lunch!

  2. I like the lighting in the second and third pictures, but that's pretty much it. That sandwich looks disgusting.

  3. That sandwich is giving me heartburn from afar.

  4. Boo! You mess up a shake and I'm out.

  5. I have many friends that love Stuffed Sandwich, and it has nothing to do with the sandwiches. It's the beer. He carries a selection that can't be found anywhere else in the area. But I hear the owner is sort of a beer-Nazi, keeping the good stuff in the back and only selling it if you kiss his ass.

    I went there when it was located more west on Las Tunas. If you can believe it, he moved because he was doing so well, he needed to expand. Go figure.

  6. That was a sad looking piece of cheese on your grinder.

  7. It's funny but that place looks like every other restaurant in New York City. (Especially the frigdes packed with beer and the random autographed glossy photos. That's SUCH a local thing!) And they say the food here is some of the best in the country! No accounting for taste, I guess.

  8. that sign wasn't even funny-rude. it was just plain rude.

  9. that sandwich just looks gross. :/

  10. OMG! That is Mr. Foodfighters favorite restaurant! Too funny. He loves their pastrami. . .

  11. Staying away from this place, for sure.


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