Wednesday, October 22, 2008

High Fives

I believe memes are the equivalent of chain mail in the blogosphere. Today, however, was a boring day, and cjeanette and erinp are sweethearts who tagged me, so here we go.

5 Joys
  1. My husband.
  2. My family, especially my brother.
  3. Laughing with friends.
  4. Traveling.
  5. Karaoke.
5 Fears
  1. The death or grave illness of a loved one.
  2. Natural disasters.
  3. Failure.
  4. Sarah Palin as [Vice] President.
  5. The passage of Prop 8.
5 Obsessions
  1. Food.
  2. Television.
  3. Music.
  4. The Internet.
  5. Paul Frank.
5 "Surprising" Facts (Not really surprising. Too pooped to be creative.)
  1. I don't like mushrooms.
  2. I am simultaneously very organized and very messy.
  3. I weigh more than my mother, father, and brother.
  4. I am a three-time winner of the Southern California Junior Bach Festival.
  5. Despite my chubbiness and age, I can do the splits.
You will notice that there are only four "fives" here. The fifth is supposed to be five people I tag. I one. The chain ends here! Aren't you relieved?


  1. There are several reasons in this post that make me respect you even more than I already do (Wow, that is possible?!) but the biggest reason is the splits...

    (p.s. I love classical piano, my fave is Mozart's piano concerto #23)

  2. I once entered the Jr. Bach Festival but was nowhere near winning. Hee. I'm also simultaneously very organized and very messy!

  3. I am so right there with you on your fears! Especially 4 & 5...

  4. omg.. i dislike mushrooms and sarah palin too! not in that particular order though

    I can't believe you didn't bust out a split in the middle of Fanuel Hall when you visited?!? that would have been off the hook

  5. Relieved and enlightened. ;)

  6. Splits? Now that's something to bust out with on a game show audition. Provided one was wearing the appropriate attire. heh.

  7. Another mushoroom hater here.

    Haaa haaa to Fear #4. And I couldn't agree w/you more on Fear #5.


  8. The Junior Bach festival just about killed me.

  9. I think the Junior Bach Festival deserves its own post with a progression of pictures!

  10. I am strangely aroused by the fact you can do the splits. . .

  11. Very impressed you can still do the splits.

  12. i have ALWAYS wanted to be able to do the splits.


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