Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dumplings and Divas


A few of you were so sweet to comment on my seemingly sad week. Thank you! But it wasn't that bad. Yes, the Dodgers lost. Yes, Weezer sucked. But here are some lovely things that I had yet to share.

Some co-workers and I tried Dumpling 10053 (10053 Valley Blvd., El Monte).
dumpling 10053 001
dumpling 10053 002
I don't understand the comparisons to Din Tai Fung. Apples and oranges, folks. Din Tai Fung is known for xiao long bao. Dumpling 10053 specializes in jiaozi, including shui jiao (boiled dumplings), zheng jiao (steamed dumplings), and guotie (potstickers). Not the same thing at all! Thus, if anybody ever asks which you prefer, you can demonstrate your Chinese food prowess and proudly explain, "These restaurants don't even serve the same things, dumbass."

The "dumbass" part is optional.

Dumpling 10053 offers a wide array of options, including vegetarian-friendly versions, which turned out well for our friend Fooz. There are also beef versions, which worked perfectly for Giggles. Dumplings for all!

Fried pork guotie ($5.75 for 8). Golden brown and pretty delicious, but not nearly as scrumptious as the traditional long guotie at Mandarin Noodle House.
dumpling 10053 004
dumpling 10053 005
This sorry specimen of a scallion pancake was pallid and limp. Sad face.
dumpling 10053 006
Boiled rock cod dumplings ($6.95 for 10). I found the fish mealy and bland. Skip!
dumpling 10053 007
Boiled shrimp and leek dumplings ($6.50 for 10). Very good. Get these!
dumpling 10053 008
Steamed pumpkin and shrimp dumplings ($6.50 for 10). The best dish in my opinion. Rather creative and out-of-the-ordinary in Chinese cuisine.
dumpling 10053 010
Steamed beef dumplings ($6.50 for 10). Fine for non-pork eaters, but not worth ordering for those who do dine on swine.
dumpling 10053 012
Now on to the "divas" part of this post. Prim loves pizookies, so we went to BJ's for her birthday lunch. See? I do eat at chains sometimes.

Before I get into pizookies, though, I must share a Prim outfit with you.

cia randomness 003 blackout
These yummy chocolate suede Tod's boots were just $120. Original price? $1200! The sweater dress is from Target. Pretty neat mix-and-match.

Here's the birthday girl.
prim bday 003blackout
prim bday 005blackout
Here's Capri and her incredible Yves Saint Laurent downtown tote in a gorgeous rare blue. Let's all thank her (and Cate Blanchett and Salma Hayek and Jessica Biel) for stimulating our failing economy. Diva!
prim bday 002blackout
Here's a gigantic pizookie party platter in all its glory.
prim bday 006
I'm not sure what was more delicious -- the YSL bag or the pizookie. Oh, who am I kidding? I wanted to devour that YSL bag.


  1. That is quite a delectable bag, if I do say so myself! The cookies ain't looking half bad, either ;)

  2. Ooooh-this was a good week! Thanks for helping me celebrate!

  3. That bag brings tears to my eyes. So beyond gorgeous.

  4. The pizookie and dumplings are far more likely to happen for me :) Prim's outfit is way cute! Totally jealous.

  5. I spy, with my little eye, creepy bald guy with Salma Hay. Way too into Fringe thanks to you!

  6. that is a GORGEOUS bag. wow.

    and those tod's boots! they're so awesome!

  7. I am so in love with the YSL downtown tote, I am wiping the drool off my keyboard!

  8. If there is a heaven, it will be filled with those dumplings.

  9. How does one go about finding $1200 boots for $120? Please tell Prim to share her shopping techniques. And that bag is sick. So jealous.

  10. i looove dumplings! the pumpkin + shrimp ones sound deelish. ;-) (p.s. i'm also a fringe fan, but i don't think that guy in the salma pic is the guy from the show. ;-))

  11. I'm just glad you're not going to have to change the "Weezer" to your "Monkey"...

  12. Wowza wowza wowza to the stunning outfit AND handbag on display in this post.

  13. i want! i want! i want!

    the boots, the bag and the pizookie!

  14. I don't usually dine on swine so the beef ones might make me smile. :)

    Yummy bag. Yummy pazookie. Yummy boots. :)

  15. Now I am craving potstickers. Thanks. :)

  16. that food looks to.die.for.


    I wish I could be so stylish. but I might have to make a tarjay run soon.

  17. Pumpkin dumplings?! Sold, for $1,000! Well, not really, since if I had that much I'd buy those wonderful TDF boots... ::sigh::


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