Monday, October 13, 2008

I Had Columbus Day Off

For the first time in seven years, I had Columbus Day off!

We had lunch with Mr. Monkey's family at Icho Izakaya (708 E Las Tunas Drive, San Gabriel), a Japanese restaurant run by Chinese people.
columbus day 002
columbus day 003
columbus day 004
Like many other restaurants of this ilk, it was fine but unmemorable. Lunch is a pretty good deal, though. A one-item meal with soup and salad costs only $4.99. The two-item version goes for $8.50. Available components include mixed sushi, mixed sashimi, grilled saba, tempura, teriyaki chicken, grilled salmon, tonkatsu, and various sushi rolls.

columbus day 012
Peach nectar.
columbus day 013
Complimentary edamame.
columbus day 005
columbus day 007
Miso soup.
columbus day 008
columbus day 016
columbus day 017
columbus day 020
After lunch, we headed to Cathy's Bakery next door.
columbus day 023
columbus day 024
columbus day 025
Our stash from Cathy's. Fresh. Flaky. Buttery.
columbus day 031
One last stop before home -- Quickly for 98-cent boba milk tea. I like getting the mini boba at Quickly. Aside from the price, it's the only good thing there, as the actual drink leaves much to be desired.
columbus day 027
columbus day 028
columbus day 030
The afternoon was lazy yet short because we headed to Dodger Stadium again.
dodgers 003
When Brother Monkey went to buy beer, the cashier said, "You've gotta be kidding me!" What say you? Does he really look under 21? Any guesses on his age?
dodgers 004
We were amused that pitcher Derek Lowe's theme song was Flo Rida's "Low." Nothing says baseball like Apple Bottom jeans and boots with the fur.
dodgers 024
Mr. Monkey and his friend sat in separate seats from us today. Can you spot them? Mr. Monkey's friend is wearing a red Phillies cap. Boo!
dodgers 033
Little Monkey Niece and her dad joined us.
dodgers 034dodgers 035
dodgers 038dodgers 037
LMN liked BroMo's glasses. She kept saying BroMo was silly. And, yes, the Monkeys did indeed buy that zip hoodie for her.
dodgers 039
Mr. Monkey came to visit us for an inning.
dodgers 040
Up until the eighth, I thought the Dodgers would win, as did this Phillies fan.
dodgers 081
After LMN and her dad left (and after we lost the lead), BroMo and I headed down to some empty seats next to Mr. Monkey and his friend.
dodgers 103
dodgers 109
dodgers 112
Even the proximity to the field didn't make up for what became a very bad night for the Dodgers. So sad.

But at least I had the day off. That was lovely despite the loss.


  1. I was there tonight too. I think I lost years off my life -- too much of a rollercoaster. Ok, let's see them win 3 in a row after their day off, eh? GO DODGERS!

  2. hey, there are some good things about working for the CIA!

  3. I want boba drink! I want boba drink!

    Actually, I have a bag of dried tapioca balls at home. I'm just too lazy to make it.

  4. aha! that explains your cyber absence. i was a little worried - i'm such a nerd.

    fun day off!

  5. Columbus Day off?! That's awesome!

  6. wow i always thought the lyrics to "Low" were "boots to the floor".. goes to show how good my hearing is!!

  7. My BIL and his wife live in San Gabriel and always get their cakes from that bakery. They are insanely good.

  8. LMN is adorable, and she looks so much like her Uncle Monkey too, LOL.

  9. I am ridiculously jealous that you had yesterday off.

  10. Cracks me up that you call your brother BroMo. Genius! Love the day's pictorial. Your photos are fantastic, the food always looks delicious and everyone always seems to be having a great time. Mind if a New Yorker hangs out with you guys sometime?
    :) Robin

  11. hey, I had yesterday off, too! Although your day sounds more fun-- I walked 14 miles and pulled the crap out of my hamstring. Yeah, good times.

    So sad re: dodgers. :(

  12. Love this post. Go Phils ;) Sorry, it's the only pleasure I derive from my life right now. Victorino is my new favorite.

  13. Whenever hub and I go to a Japanese restaurant with non-Japanese cooks/sushi chefs, I feel like he automatically makes up his mind that he doesn't like the food, weird. The pics look good to me though! PS I can't believe you got Columbus Day off - this is such a different life for you!

  14. lucky ducky with the day off.

    such great photos today.

    mr. monkey is like 27. he's got that late 20s swagger. like he knows shit. but he does look 19.

  15. that food looks amazing, simply amazing. our dodgers on the other hand...not so much. come on dodgers.

  16. Asians are so lucky. They always look so much younger than they are.
    I think your bother is 65.

  17. You have no idea of the depression in my household over the Dodger's mediocrity in the Phillies series. So much hope! And no results. Sad, sad sad.

    Thank god Laker season is starting :)


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