Thursday, October 16, 2008

True Blues

By now, if you've had any contact at all with the sports world, you know my darling Dodgers' season is no more. Here is my last Dodger pictorial of 2008.
dodgers 002
dodgers 007
dodgers 011
dodgers 010
dodgers 015
dodgers 019
dodgers 020
dodgers 022
dodgers 026
dodgers 028
dodgers 051
dodgers 054
dodgers 059
dodgers 073
dodgers 087
dodgers 092
dodgers 111
Thanks for a great season, Dodgers. We're still proud of you.


  1. Awwww. Like you said, it was still a good season worth celebrating.

    And now I'm craving for that dodger dog.

  2. Those sunset pictures are really good. Too bad for the Dodgers. There's always next year.

  3. You've had a tough week. Knock off early today and have a martini.

  4. I was there too. Right behind where you were sitting the moutains were this incredible purple as the sunset. It was a beautiful way to end our season.

  5. Those sunset pictures are really beautiful.

  6. I don't know what I'm more sad about, the Dodgers not moving on or you not posting pics of delish game food until next year. :(

  7. Aw, this was so sweet and sentimental. It was a great season - they went farther than anyone thought they would.

    Now they just have to resign Manny.

  8. Yay for no more baseball! Boo for no more baseball food pics.

  9. I love finding other members of the weathered converse club. I myself proudly wear my tattered kicks at least once a week. I also have holes in my Vans slip ons.

  10. Bye Bye Dodgers! But the good news is you know they'll be back next year. Just like the seasons.

  11. is it wrong that my favorite picture was of the fries?

  12. :(

    and the sox are out now, too.

    you know the media folks are ready to slit their wrists now that the series is tampa vs. philly. sigh.


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