Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Real Flavor of Baja

Yesterday, Glam introduced us to Taco Nazo (9516 S. Garvey Ave., South El Monte), a local six-restaurant chain that specializes in fish and shrimp tacos. The 30-year-old company boasts "the real flavor of baja."
taco nazo 001
The place is reminiscent of any other fast-food joint.
taco nazo 002
taco nazo 003
The difference, however, lies in both the family-owned homey nature of the chain and, of course, the food. It is tastier and more authentic than Rubio's.

And I love Rubio's.

Here's my Combo #3 (one taco de pescado, one taco de camarĂ³n, and chips -- that's a fish taco and a shrimp taco for you gringos). For 99 cents extra, I "baja sized it" with beans, rice, and a large drink. Yes, all that for just 99 cents more!
taco nazo 004
I really enjoyed my meal. I also really enjoyed the price.


  1. I love seafood tacos, especially that yummy sauce that usually comes with them.

    Tim and I need to re-start our tour of the tiny Mexican restaurants on the west side of town.

    I love Mexican food.

  2. mmmm....I love Mexican food, especially fish/seafood tacos. Balls, now I'm starving!

  3. I can't believe you like Rubio's! For some reason, I thought you wouldn't.

  4. i love rubio's too, so i bet i'd dig this place.

    damn, i want shrimp tacos now.

  5. Yay! The pictures are back! Thank you Router.

  6. i've been eating so much mexican lately i think i'm turning mexican. i really think so.


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