Monday, October 13, 2008

Baseball Deja Vu

Surprise, surprise, we went to the game against the Phillies last night. National League Championship Series Game 3! Woohoo!
dodgers 027
dodgers 042
dodgers 028
dodgers 050
dodgers 029
dodgers 006
dodgers 007
dodgers 013
dodgers 019
dodgers 014
dodgers 017
We love Hiroki Kuroda!
dodgers 035
dodgers 038
He loves his chihuahua!
dodgers 067
dodgers 003
dodgers 039
The Phillies pow-wow after the Dodgers score five runs in the first inning.
dodgers 045
Sorry, Phillies. Rafael Furcal still hit a home run after your meeting on the mound.
dodgers 051
The teams got riled up about some mutual pitching high and inside.
dodgers 062
Cory Wade pitched in for a bit.
dodgers 068
dodgers 070
Then Jonny B. and his fast ball closed out.
dodgers 084
dodgers 085
Even Tiger Woods was there to witness the ass-whooping.
dodgers 075
dodgers 089
Hopefully it's another win tonight.


  1. I want a carnation malt (and Tiger Woods)!

  2. my hubs has been joking A LOT lately that we are now dodgers fans. but at some point that may turn into a fact. (he'll always be a huge manny fan)

    and that guy next to Tiger looks like Edward Norton..

  3. It's so awesome that the Dodgers are in the playoffs, and you and Mr. Monkey were there to witness the whole process from the beginning of the season.

  4. Hubbs, a Dodger fan, is convinced the Phillies will win the series and the title. Let's hope he's wrong.


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