Monday, October 20, 2008


(1) The Sorbetto is a pale facsimile of pinkberry, but it'll do in a pinch.
oc hearing 003
And it's easier to handle while driving. The question is whether original or tangy mango is better. The purist in me says original, but the extra golden sweetness tantalizes my tastebuds. I have yet to try tangy citrus. Not sure how I feel about that one. I love citrus, but somehow just the thought of that combo troubles me a bit. I'll sample next time and report back.

(2) This courthouse in Santa Ana is humongous.
oc hearing 005
My hearing today lasted a whopping three hours. It was like a mini-trial. And it was all because two neighbors don't get along. I got all tongue-tied today, too. It didn't make any difference, though, because I was merely representing a third-party witness. The only harm done was to my ego. Notwithstanding my own marble-mouth, my witness was fantastic. I told him he was a star afterward.

(3) This woman sucks.
oc hearing 006
Not only was she violating California law by holding a cell phone while driving (for at least 30 minutes right behind me in traffic), I actually caught her picking her nose with her other hand at one point. Was she driving with her knees as she dug for schnoz-truffles?

Gives a whole new meaning to "hands-free."

Pay no attention to the fact that I took a picture via my rear-view mirror. I did it really quickly while at a full stop, and it wasn't against the law, damn it.

And drinking a Sorbetto while driving is legal, too.


  1. Love the full discloser at the end. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

  2. *sigh* I wish they'd start rolling out the Sorbetto inland.

    We've had entire criminal trials caused by neighbor disputes. It makes me appreciate my own neighbors.

  3. I tried to order tangy citrus before and was given a pink icee. When I inquired further, I was told that plain or mango are the only pinkberry options.

  4. I'll take sorbetto, we have nothing of the sort around here.


  5. You have no idea how much I want a Sorbetto.

  6. What flavor is the original Sorbetto? That will help me make my decision as to regular or tangy mango.

    Also I had an Investigator set to testify at the Orange County Courthouse about a month ago. The Attorney told me repeatedly it would be settled, not to buy a plane ticket. He calls Friday (trial is on Monday) and says bad news Investigator needs to come. I buy the now $850 plane ticket for Sunday for the PI to come from NC. Attorney calls PI one hour before his flight and says I just watched the surveillance video and it's not that great. I no longer need you to come. Sorry. YOU WATCHED THE VIDEO HALF A DAY BEFORE YOUR TRIAL. Come on.

  7. That lady is gross.

  8. Sorry about the worble mouth ... it hits at the strangest times! I've almost never had problems before judges. However, I got up to do an opening statement at my first jury trial and worble mouth appeared (even though I'd been fine during voir dire). Sucks ...

  9. I've been wanting to try the sorbetto's but they seem so pricy!

    I see people on their phones all the time! I can't drive and talk at the same time so I don't even have a hands free device. I know better!

    It even looks like the car behind the digging for gold driver is talking on her phone too.

  10. you already know how i feel about the sorbetto. delish. but now that there's a "real" pinkberry near my house, i no longer feel the need.

    the thought of you having marble mouth is like me eating a bowl of fruit. although you say the former actually happened. the latter wouldn't.

    i'm amazed at the number of folks i see still holding their phone up to their ear while driving. i always want to point and yell whenever i see it.

  11. I half gagged at Picky McPickerson. Gross.

  12. I wish the Sorbetto came in a larger size. That dinky cup just doesn't do it for me. Need more!

  13. wow, that last picture was very "glamour don't" of you.

    and I love it.

  14. That picture of the courthouse makes it seem like you were ducking and covering somewhere a la CIA agent.

  15. I LOVE the tangy citrus ice sorbetto. I actually don't like the mango one at all, but I make the hubs stop EVERY time we're in OC to get me a citrus ice one. The grapefruit works really well with the pinkberry.

  16. Scnoz-truffle? OMG, hee-lay-ree-us!!!
    :) Robin

  17. i've tried the citrus berry ice sorbetto and i <3 it! now i guess i should venture out and try the pinkberry kind.


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