Sunday, October 5, 2008

Son of a Gunn

Mr. Monkey saw Tim Gunn in our 'hood about three weeks ago.
Today we both saw him.

While I was sleeping this morning, Mr. Monkey was enjoying the sunshine on our balcony and spied Tim Gunn carrying two cups of coffee four stories below.

The second sighting (yes, in one day) was this afternoon. From our car, we spotted him walking across the street. He was too far for me to yell any catchphrases. Sad.

We are now convinced that at least one of the following is true:
(1) Tim Gunn is working on some project at FIDM.
(2) Tim Gunn has a personal work studio somewhere close.
(3) Tim Gunn lives near us.

As crazy as it sounds, I think #3 is a real possibility, as there is no reason for Tim Gunn to be sauntering about our area on a Sunday. This could very well be his home away from home.

I plan to walk around and around and around until I see him face-to-face.

UPDATE: This might explain our frequent Tim Gunn sightings! I am still going to canvas the area. Thank you for your comment, Michelle!


  1. Cool! I love Project Runway. I'm jealous of your encounters. Good luck with the stalking!

  2. if I saw Tim Gunn, I'd run up to him and ask "Has anyone seem Andre?!?" "Andre, your designs bring me closer to God"

    omg I still crack up when I see those Santino quotes on Youtube.

  3. The next season of PR is currently in production in downtown LA - I'm 98.9% sure of this. Or not!

  4. so, how do you feel about me living at your place til i see him in person? :)

  5. Please sign me up for Tim Gunn's Guide To Style at your next sighting, thankyouverymuch. =)

  6. How exciting! I love your plan to stalk him.

  7. Oh, yes! Please keep on stalking. I want photo evidence!

  8. sah-weet! i haven't been watching PR this season, but i heart tim gunn.

  9. Oooh, I was going to suggest that he might be dating someone in your area! ;)

  10. if you see Tim Gunn, you HAVE to invite him to Red Lobster!



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