Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gossip Girl. Again.

*********************************BEWARE! SPOILERS!*********************************

Now how predictable was that not-so-twisty twist with Mrs. Waldorf's fashion show? We all knew, the second Serena started giving Blair tips during the photo shoot, that Serena would become the It Girl once again.

Why do I keep watching?

The same reason I kept watching Murder, She Wrote as a child. There's something to be said about predictability. I liked guessing the murderer before the end of the show every week. I kinda like knowing what's going to happen on Gossip Girl. Predictability sometimes brings a viewer comfort.

The dialogue is actually pretty clever most of the time, especially Dan's lines. Blair reminds me of a snobbier, colder Summer Roberts from The O.C. I guess Dan is as close as you can get to Seth Cohen, too, but not nearly as geeky. Thank you, Josh Schwartz.

The card game -- didn't like that story line at all. Chuck as a hero? Come on! Boo!

Not sure how I feel about Blair sort of warming up to Dan. I might prefer the bitchiness all around. The amateur Blair and Serena point-and-shoot session was laaaaaame, especially when set to that wretched "Beautiful Girls" song by Sean Kingston. Ugh.

Next week looks better. Tonight was weak!


P.S. Being at the office is not my favorite, but the view outside my window earlier was pretty awesome. Check out the sunset and the traffic. These are days I enjoy being a pedestrian.

P.P.S. The IRS problem has been solved. A mistake was made. (Surprise, surprise.) The person with whom I spoke wasn't an idiot. (Shout out to "Barbara.") I mailed a check for just $72.20, not $9,359.74 today. Phew.


  1. Lovin' the sunset, and I'm glad you got your IRS bidness sorted out.

  2. nice pic. i wish i were a pedestrian.

  3. i just scanned this b/c i haven't watched this week's episode yet -- oops!

    pretty view from the office, but sucks to still be there when the sun is setting.

  4. Ever see that old SNL episode w/ the Brian Fellows skit featuring Britney Spears. Thank you Barbara!

  5. phew on that irs problem! i guess we won't be seeing any baby monkey deductions afterall.

  6. As much as I thought the plot was cheesy, I loved Gossip Girl.

    Yay for Barbara!

  7. That's am awesome view. Amd comgrats om the IRS save, I would have died if I had to pay 9k+.

  8. nice view. Great news on the IRS issue!

  9. Yikes. That's a BIG difference! $72.20 vs. $9,359.74

    I'd love to slap the person who made such a monumental mistake!


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