Thursday, October 18, 2007

Great Start, Great End

Today started off with much happiness, good food, and laughter. Why? I had breakfast at Tiara Cafe with Kerfuffle, one of my bestest pals. (And, yes, I know what "kerfuffle" means, but it's one of our favorite words and just perfect for Kerfuffle, my fellow word nerd.)

I thought it was pretty cool that Tiara Cafe's current window display features William Rast, the clothing line by jack-of-all-trades Justin Timberlake.

Kerfuffle lives in Florida but was in L.A. for work...for less than 24 hours! I'm so happy we got to spend a little time together. Kerfuffle is great about keeping in touch (she calls me as she drives home from work on a semi-regular basis), but I haven't seen her since August 19, 2006!

Tiara Cafe's breakfast, like all of Tiara's food, was delicious. No surprise here. And it came out at lightning speed, which was awesome and not typical of Tiara's service at lunch. Kerfuffle had a Ranch Breakfast (at least, that's what I think it was called). I had an Omelet Le Fe, which was packed with salami, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, and goat cheese. It was so good that I forgot that my fungal nemeses were in there. Ha! Tiara Cafe's hash browns are also interesting. They consist of both potatoes and onions, so they are naturally very flavorful and have no need for additional table seasoning.

Kerfuffle enjoyed the presentation of the salt and pepper and admired the whimsical decor.

Too bad our server was a sucky photographer. And, no, we did not sit side by side the entire meal. I just moved over to Kerfuffle's side for this fuzzy photo.

After noshing and catching up, Kerfuffle drove me to work, where I pounded out the rest of my opposition. It was very short and had little substance, but it took such a long time to prepare because of my lack of familiarity with the necessary background facts. Well, whatever. I did the best I could, and I turned it in.

When I couldn't take work anymore (some time around 9ish), I finally went home, grabbed a bite to eat, and went to see Dashboard Confessional again. Last night's show was much better. No "El Scorcho" cover tonight. Sad! Chris did, however, sing a few bars of Phantom Planet's "California" (for you music idiots, this was the theme song of The O.C.).

However, I got better pics tonight, as well as a zip hoodie. And I swear that Chris looked right into my eyes for at least 30 seconds at the end of the show, as he was taking a bow after his encore, and blew a kiss to me. I'm serious. If you don't believe me, check out the first bulletpoint under "trivia" here.

When I told Mr. Monkey this, he replied, "No, silly. He was looking at me!" Notwithstanding his snide remark, Mr. Monkey did agree that Chris was definitely giving someone the eye in our direction. I know it was me, damn it.

I also recorded a brief clip of "Stolen." It's brief because I ran out of memory. So lame. And you could hear me singing on the clip. Even lamer. I'm not posting it for these two very good reasons.

Now I'm tired but wired. I think I'll watch recorded Gossip Girl.

I'm back. Dude, it's 2:25 a.m. Argh.



  1. i'm impressed -- seeing the band both nights! glad yesterday was a big improvement over the day before :)

  2. The window display at the restaurant includes a tiara, and you didn't take a picture (through the window) wearing the tiara. Did I teach you nothing during our San Fran trip and the cupcake store ;)

  3. ooh a giraffe! clancy is still cuter.

  4. you are crazy!!! I could never, ever in a million years work until after 9pm, go to a concert, blog about it, watch my recorded shows and be able to function the next day. NEVER!!! I am seriously weak-sauce...or just old. Or you're just Bionic Woman! Yeah, that's it!

  5. I anticipate more and more mushrooms in your future. You will begin adding them to every meal. They will appear in your dream, and, when you least expect it, you will tell someone you LIKE mushrooms

  6. ooh, i dig salt & pepper cellars too!

  7. I despise 'shrooms as well. ironic since my (maiden name) is a type of fungus.


  8. Duuuude! You had eye sex with Chris!

  9. OMG - you work way too much! But at least you had a mice breakfast with ome of you besties - that place looks super fum. I cam omly wish that you'll take ME there ome day. *sigh*


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