Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Thursday Like Old Times

After having gone to bed around 2:30, maybe 3:00, I woke up close to 9:00 this morning. The first thing I did was check my BlackBerry. Sick, I know. It seems my work has trained me well. I had an e-mail from a partner informing me of a 9:00 a.m. conference call.


I dialed in from bed in my pajamas. Oh. So. Boring. I jotted down some notes regarding audits and whistleblower complaints, and then I decided to brush my teeth...while still on the phone. Have you ever tried to brush your teeth while talking on the phone without the person on the other line knowing? It's no easy task without a mute button or a headset. But I did it with my finger glued to the mouthpiece, and I did it without making a mess. Talented monkey.

After about an hour, I decided my time would be better spent showering and getting dressed, so I e-mailed Perfecta, who got on the line and took notes for me. Later, I asked Pescado if he heard me brushing my teeth on the line. He said he didn't and asked me if I heard him taking a dump, eating breakfast, and smoking a cigar during the two-hour call. Ha!

I got to work around 10:30 and got crackin' on my motion to dismiss that has to be filed tomorrow. This motion has been hanging over my head for weeks now, but other things just kept getting in the way. I'd dabbled with it a few hours before, but today I really dug in deep. Around 11:45, though, I was ravenous, but I had so much damn work. I decided to go grab a crepe and bring it back to my desk, and I asked if Perfecta wanted to come.

Thursday is Crepe Day! It has been for three years now. It started with Curly Fries, Lasagna Man, and me, and Perfecta became a part of the Crepe Crew when she joined the firm later. Every Thursday, there's a small Farmers Market at 7th+Fig, which includes nuts, candy, kettle corn, tamales, and crepes!

Perfecta and I visited our favorite Thursday haunt. I got an Omega-3, which is stuffed with salmon, tomatoes, red cabbage, and cheese. Perfecta got a Healthy Choice, which has chicken, spinach, mushrooms, and cheese. Both were enveloped by spinach crepe dough, topped with a crispy cheese crust, and smothered with garlic sauce. Mmm.

Today we discovered a new vendor at the Farmers Market -- moonpillows! What are moonpillows, you ask? They are the most delicious little East-meets-West delicacy ever! And the name is just the best. So perfect! moonpillows are "mochi truffles." Fresh chewy mochi on the outside and smooth truffle filling on the inside. Decadent. Awesome.

The pumpkin spice was "milk chocolate ganache infused with pumpkin and autumn spices, enrobed in cocoa mochi." The passion fruit was "passion fruit-white chocolate ganache enrobed in flavorful passion fruit mochi." The chocolate-peanut butter was "creamy chocolate-peanut butter ganache enrobed in cocoa mochi." The matcha was "green tea-white chocolate ganache enrobed in green tea mochi."

Delicate and delectable. I'm so excited about this find! One drawback is that they weren't cheap. I got six for $11.25. They were very close to being worth the steep price, although I don't think either my wallet or my waistline could survive moonpillows every single week. (For the record, I'm only one pound away from wedding weight now. moonpillows every week would thwart my weight loss!)

Oh, little moonpillows, how I love your chewy creamy goodness! You bring new joy to my Thursdays!

Perfecta and I actually sat down and dined quickly at 7th+Fig instead of bringing our crepes back to the office. The sun was shining, and it just seemed right. And it was right. It was so nice to have lunch with Perfecta. It was like old times.

And the old times continued at work. It's hard to rehash in text, but Perfecta made the funniest mistake today, and we had the best time laughing and laughing and laughing about it.

Later, I talked to B-Dawg on the phone, and Pescado passed by my door and came in to join the fun. Now this was really like old times -- the good days when B-Dawg was still at our firm, the good days when we still had fun. Ah, I miss B-Dawg and the way things were back when they were good.

It was a good Thursday today.


  1. I like the word "enrobed" and vow to use it at least once today.

  2. YAY for good days. That makes me happy. Glad she is returning to her old self.

  3. woot! woot! to wedding weight! You go girl!!! that's so awesome! and those moonpillows...first of all, I LOVE the name. Second of all....yes please!

  4. those moonpillows sound heavenly.

    glad you had such a nice day. i love those.

  5. moonpillows---that sounds very fobbish but i'm sure it was yummy!

  6. Can you actually sleep on a moon pillow? ;) I love good old days. :)

    P.S. Love the conference call and Pescado's question. Too funny.

  7. mmmm, moonpillows sounds like my kinda food.

  8. Ah, I must pick up some Moonpillows.

  9. I am so glad you had a good day. You needed one of those.

  10. moonpillows. those sound heavenly!

  11. Please don't be offended when I use the word "enrobe" on my blog sometime this's definitely word du jour! Love it! :)

  12. Moonpillows, sound heavenly! I want one!!

  13. mmmm, crepes. and congrats on the weightloss!!

  14. I MUST try moonpillows.

    I just must.

  15. oh mah gah - moonpillows. i must have some.


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