Monday, October 29, 2007

Karaokefest 2007 Videos

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As promised....

Young_Love does her signature song. Truly awe-inspiring.

Brianna is Kevin Bacon, but *someone* is an idiot and took the video sideways.

Hit us, baby, one more time.

And, in honor of the wonderful BPLJ (the original Sisqo impersonator at my 30th birthday party), I attempt to recreate the magic. Those who witnessed the original will likely agree that my version pales in comparison, but I tried!


  1. I am truly inspired by these videos, especially the first one. My inspiration knows no bounds.

  2. I'm refraining from watching these videos at work because I'm not so sure I can control my laughter. I can't wait til I get home.

  3. I think BPLJ's booty work left more of an impression. But you've both got umph. ;)

  4. gigglimg at the closeup of Diame chowimg dowm.

  5. So. dam. cruel. Other tham that - such good times!


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