Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ooh, Baby, Baby

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Two good friends of mine had babies within two weeks of each other this month, and today both friends just happened to ask me to visit. Baby #1 lives 30 miles east of me. Baby #2 lives 20 miles west of me. Monkey the Baby Hater drove 100 miles today for babies. That's true friendship, people.

Baby #1 is Wan's daughter, Wannabean. Trisha and R also came to meet the new addition to the Wan household. In typical Wan fashion, even this casual gathering was color-coordinated, down to the cookies. Doesn't Trish look like a natural? I admired Wannabean from afar of course (ahem, not a natural). She does seem to be an extremely good (read: quiet) baby. She was a little sleeping angel the whole time I was there. Her socks were cool. They looked like shoes. I want some socks like that.

Baby #2 is Curly Fries' son, Small Fries. Perfecta and I went to give Curly Fries some non-family company and stayed for dinner. Small Fries loves the paparazzi, so you can see him sans privacy mask. Small Fries' nursery is tastefully decorated and loved even by Dora the Dog.

I was excited to reunite not only with Curly Fries but also with Dora. She is the best soft-coated wheaten terrier ever. Upon my arrival, she gave me her signature "wheaten greetin'" (standing on two legs). I happily danced with her like I always do. I love Dora so much, and she is pretty good with Small Fries. In fact, she is very protective and often guards him while he sleeps, as you can see below. And Dora is indeed Dora's real name. She' explorer! Har har har. I figure dogs don't really need Internet aliases.

I got home around 9 p.m. and started getting ready to go see The Donnas at The Roxy (my brother said they would go on at 10). Mr. Monkey was passed out on the couch. I tried for a half hour to wake him up, but he said he was too tired to go and was out cold again in a few seconds. I can't budge him. He's like a rock. A big snoring rock. Stupid sleepy Mr. Monkey! Oh well. We will see them again next time they're in town. After all, we are always on the VIP list. w00t.


  1. "Small Fries loves the paparazzi..."
    hee hee!

    wannabean is too cute! sad i missed the viewing party. and the color-coordinated cookies. and awkwardly admiring from afar while others held her.

  2. I love the black bar over wannabean's eyes :) And those socks are indeed very cool. Both babies are raelly cute (from afar, in pictures).

  3. i think the socks are pretty cool too ;) sad i missed the party, but i don't think the wannabean needed my cooties :(

    i puffy heart wheatens! jim's family dog, maggie, was a wheaten and actually she was the best dog ever ;) definitely on our list of potential puppies when we finally get one.

  4. Wow, Small Fries looks bigger than Wannabean! Like, by a lot! I'm a little sad for the demise of the nickname "Pico de Gallo" though :(

  5. Those chocolate cookies with the pink M&M's look sssssssooo good right now! And both those babies are adorable. That's why I shouldn't have kids anytime soon- cos the cookies were the first pics that popped out at me :)

  6. Hooray for doggies and babies! That's my idea of a perfect day ;) Where are the pics of an awkward monkey holding the babies?

  7. You're such a baby lover!! :) Yay for the new babies, and their fab mommies too....everyone always forgets about the mommies :)

  8. That is true friendship Monkey. ;) And thanks for eating with me. It made me feel better. Mmmm...meaty, saucy, yum.

  9. i'm really feeling special now - i had no idea you'd had such a big baby/driving day! i hope the meatballs made it somewhat worth it ;)


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