Monday, October 22, 2007

She's Electric, She's in a Family Full of Eccentrics

Not a Kristen Bell Fan.
Well, at least not on Heroes.

But perhaps it's too early to judge.

And, yes, I'm aware she narrates Gossip Girl, which we all know I love.

But she was just so damn annoying that I couldn't get into Veronica Mars, despite many people's urging me to watch that show.

I wonder who her daddy is on Heroes. Hmm....


  1. I think she's cute. With that said, I have not watched tonight's episode of Heroes.

  2. Every word im tomight's post was way over my head. That's what I get for mot watchimg tv I guess =(

  3. i read spoilers but i won't spoil it here ;)

    i'm still 2 episodes behind so i can't judge quite yet.

  4. yeah, i definately don't like her character and does she really think her power to conduct electricity can really take down peter, i mean he has everyone's power and he can certainly take hers!!

  5. I KNOW you aren't talking smack about my nam crush!!! I lurve her.

  6. 10years and i are on the same wavelength here - how sad for me that i don't watch any of the shows you reference in this post.

  7. I must be old bc I don't know who this is... :/

  8. Haven't seen this episode yet. As for Ms. Bell, I am luke warm to her. Don't love, don't hate...probably because I never watched Veronica Mars either.

  9. ::GASP!:::

    I f'ing loved Veronica Mars.

    I don't know if you and me can be friends anymore weemo.

    I don't know...


  10. I'm not too into this season of Hereos. :-/ ...but I didnt know she was the one that narrates Gossip Girl! I guess you learn something new everyday.


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