Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Super Tortas, So-So Concert


Once again, Mr. Monkey scored heavily discounted concert tickets at the last minute. And by "heavily discounted," this time I mean "free." Ah, yes, freeeee. Well, except for service charges, which were a paltry $7.00 compared to the full price of $45.00. Go, us!

I left work pretty early (a little after 6:30) because I wanted to make it in time to see Evan Dando, who was opening for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, which was opening for The Jesus and Mary Chain at The Wiltern. After I got out of my skirt and put on some jeans, we went to Super Tortas for a quick and cheap dinner.
I love Super Tortas so much. My former secretary at my old firm introduced me to it six years ago, and I've been going ever since. Located at the corner of Alvarado and Maryland in a run-down strip mall, Super Tortas isn't much to look at, but it really packs a punch with its food. Super Tortas is lightning fast, too. You're almost always guaranteed to get your order extremely quickly. This should be no surprise, given the ubiquitous speedy masked heroic torta.
Super Tortas uses fresh baked bolillo bread for their tortas -- so soft and so good. Today we got the puerco (pork) and milanesa (breaded steak) to share, and Mr. Monkey also got a chicken fry taco. These three items are my personal favorites! If you ever go to Super Tortas, please note that the lomo de res (ribeye) is quite the crowd-pleaser and also worth trying. Each torta is huge and packed with lettuce, tomato, avocado, and onions, and costs $5.74.
The hot sauce in a squeeze bottle (not to be confused with the Tapatio or Tabasco, which are also available) is so perfect on a torta. Love it. Every crunch of Mr. Monkey's sinful chicken fry taco was like a tasty little noisy dagger to my heart. I knew that he was really savoring that golden glistening greasy goodness while I abstained from such gluttony.
We wolfed down our tortas almost as quickly as the friendly cook and waitress prepared and served them to us. Then we headed to The Wiltern. There's really not that much to report about the concert, aside from the fact that it was really loud, and my ears are ringing because I stupidly forgot my earplugs. (Yes, I almost always wear earplugs nowadays. I already lost much of my hearing in college. No point in destroying what little I have left!)
Evan Dando (Remember The Lemonheads? He was the lead singer.)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
The Jesus and Mary Chain
This concert was more for Mr. Monkey than it was for me. I like Evan Dando (who doesn't love "Into Your Arms"?), and I knew a few songs by The Jesus and Mary Chain, but I wasn't a die-hard fan of anyone who played tonight. Mr. Monkey has a few albums by The Jesus and Mary Chain. Frankly, I would've preferred to have seen Interpol at The Forum, but, hey, this was practically free and just a few minutes away from us.

And that was good enough for me. Rock on.


  1. mmmm tortas---there is a little hole in the wall place in Santa Barbara where i had my first =)

  2. God you are ome comcert-goimg mofo! You also eat so well. I'm slightly jealous.

  3. Is Jesus Mary Chain the group that sings the song with "She calls me Goliath and wears a David mask..."? I love that song. :)

    There's a hole-in-the-wall place on the Westside where I've had some delicious tortas, too. Yours look divine!

  4. Wait, there was a concert? I couldn't get past the tortas and taco. Mmmm...

  5. I am so not liking you right now. I use to go to this spot (LAX Tacos) to get my tortas fill. Sadly I haven't had one in about 3-5 years...

    (you do know that I'm on my way to get one right?)

  6. i crack up at how many concerts you attend. it's been AGES since i set foot in one!

  7. sadly, i have no idea who any of those bands are. oops!

    the tortas sound tasty though!

  8. Tortas= Drool.

    My favorite is torta de milanesa. YUM YUM YUM.

    Thanks Weezermonkey--

    I *may* have to take a trip to my local "Tacos Mexico" after seeing your pictures..

    They too make AWESOME tortas.

    If I'm ever in your area again.. you're taking me to Super Tortas.. and that's that.


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