Saturday, June 28, 2008

Baptize Small Fries

Today I went to the christening of Small Fries at Saint Monica's Church, where Curly Fries and Mr. Fries were married in 2003.
christening 009
christening 012
christening 011
christening 013
It was an educational experience for me. I had never been to a christening.
christening 023
christening 034
christening 039
christening 042
christening 052
christening 056
christening 074
christening 078
christening 085
christening 108
christening 159
christening 166
I wasn't the only shutterbug. There were a lot of snap-happy folks.
christening 152
christening 118
After the christening, we headed to Mariasol.
christening 209
christening 206
christening 168
christening 169
christening 170
christening 174
christening 177
christening 179
christening 191
christening 189
christening 182
christening 181
Motherly love times two!
christening 183
christening 186
christening 184
christening 194
christening 202
christening 198
Random bonus pic: this is where Mr. Monkey and I had our very first "group date."
christening 211
I thought he was such a weirdo for ordering a gigantic blue drink. I'm pretty glad I got over that.


  1. that church is BEAUTIFUL. you take such great pics...have you ever taken any clasees?

  2. I love the quality pics lately. I can't believe you've never been to a christening. Huh.

  3. Congrats to baby fries! Also, I dig the shoes.

  4. Small Fries is a cutie. And Curly Fries looks great! She seems to have "recovered" from pregnancy well.

  5. weemo- you have to stop showing such adorable kids in your blog!! LMN and those lil babies make me want to turn on the Disney Channel and make my two dogs watch Hannah Montanna (oh wait- i can do that anyways. mwhahaha)

  6. Oooh I've never been to a christening event. Small Fries is way cute!

  7. looks like a beautiful event and you had a chance to take a ton of pictures! we looked into getting married at that church...sadly, they won't marry non-parishoners:/

  8. i love st. monica's. such a beautiful church. lucky e11even went to school there.

    this supposed non-heathen has not been to a christening, either. that's just not how we protestants roll, i guess (although we sometimes do baby baptisms which are the same thing minus the name thing).

    your photos look great!

    those cupcakes look yum.

  9. yay for small fries!

    i can't decide which i love more, those cupcakes or those shoes.

  10. Beautiful! Beautiful family, beautiful church, beautiful photos!

  11. Those shoes are too freaking adorable!

    I've never been to a christening/babtism either. What is the actual ceremony all about?

    I'm glad you got over the gigantic blue drink, too :)

  12. Small Fries is so cute! Curly Fries has some strong blue eyed genes! Love those snazzy shoes.

  13. May I book you now to photograph Baby Glam's christening Sept 21? Amazing pics!!!

  14. hey, we went to a wedding there a few years ago. such a beautiful church.

    there is a pic in there of curly fries holding her son in front of a bunch of folks where she looks absolutely stunning. if you could somehow photoshop out the other folks, it would make a great pic of her and small fries from the day.

  15. Great pics monkey! Those shoes are almost as awesome. ;)


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