Saturday, June 28, 2008

California Italian and Homemade Cake

Ninety-Ten, Giggles, Bax, and I met Glam for lunch yesterday at Pizza Place California (303 S. Mission Drive, San Gabriel). Itty-Bitty Baby Glam and her nanny came, too! See them below?
pizza place ca 003
Pizza Place California offers decent Italian food at decent prices. Of note is the complimentary fresh-baked, butter-soaked, garlic-infused bread that arrives on your table almost as soon as you sit. So good.
pizza place ca 004
Lunch specials are $12.95 and include an appetizer and entree. I opted for a mixed green salad and chicken ravioli. The salad was fresh. The cream sauce was tasty. The ravioli could have been more tender.
pizza place ca 005
pizza place ca 008
Glam made a Bundt cake in honor of Bax's birthday. Is there anything this woman can't do? My friends are so talented. When she revealed the cake, Glam cheerily informed to me that it did not have frosting. As a loyal blog reader, she has noticed that I'm not a frosting fiend; I love that she is so observant!
pizza place ca 009
pizza place ca 011
pizza place ca 014
And you know what? I did love it, and so did everybody else! I was excited that we could get together, since I missed Bax's birthday lunch on Thursday. Hooray for friends and food!


  1. I am hungry. Must have bundt cake.

  2. i hate all frosting except for cream cheese frosting (but only if it's done right!). i don't even eat the tops of sprinkles cupcakes for this very reason. that cake looked AWESOME.

  3. Actually, the salad looks amazing, and I rarely say that! ;)

  4. I'll take all of it. even the "eh" ravioli.


  5. your food posts kill me every time. Even if its only "eh" it all looks delish, and I loooooove bundt cake anytime, anywhere!

  6. what a beautiful, un frosted, un iced bundt.

  7. No frosting?! I'll eat frosting directly from the can.

  8. i can't read your blog this late. i can't keep going to bed starving.

    crying for bundt cake ;(

  9. You lost me at "complimentary fresh-baked, butter-soaked, garlic-infused bread". I had to get up and shake off the cravings. And wipe off the drool. ;)


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