Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Not-So-Big Ben

Mr. Monkey, Stein, and I went to the Nokia Theater to see one of my fave bands tonight -- Death Cab for Cutie!
death cab 003
death cab 001
It was my first time at Nokia, so I felt obligated to try something from the concession stand. Lo and behold, I got a hand-held pot pie! Tres tasty!
death cab 005
Nokia is quite a nice venue. We sat in the first row of the Loge section. Acoustics were pretty good.
death cab 011
death cab 013
Rogue Wave opened. If you haven't heard of them, I highly recommend their albums. Here are two clips of their hit "Lake Michigan," which you might recognize from the Zune commercial.

Then my dear Ben Gibbard and his buddies came on to the stage. I think Ben has slimmed down a bit. I love him and his angelic voice. The requisite clips...

"Crooked Teeth."

"Long Division."

The band starts "Soul Meets Body." Ben's guitar does not cooperate. Good times ensue.

Everybody sang along to "I Will Follow You Into the Dark."

"I Will Possess Your Heart."

"Sound of Settling" -- one of my fave Death Cab songs ever.

"Marching Bands of Manhattan" closed the main set.

Of course, as usual, "Transatlanticism" concluded the encore.

Good concert, but, admittedly, not phenomenal. As Death Cab for Cutie gets bigger and bigger, I find that the gigs just aren't as personal as before. I still remember swooning at a show at The Wiltern (so freakin' fantastic). Even the Plans tour stop at the Greek Theatre seemed to have more oomph than this Nokia performance. Maybe it was just the lackluster people around me. After all, even in huge stadiums, U2 can still make you feel.

I miss Ben's electric bongos. I look forward to watching him bang on those all metronome-like during "Title and Registration," and he didn't do it tonight. He actually mentioned the glaring absence of the electric bongos.

Maybe Death Cab just translates better in smaller venues.


  1. Omg, I am so jealous you saw my bf! I need to dig out that pic we took last time we saw him!

  2. I love them!! I wish I went, lackluster or otherwise.

    I can't wait to get home and watch those clips. Have I mentioned how much I hate not having flash on my work computer? Grrr

  3. i can imagine they'd be better in more intimate venues and shows.

  4. I hate it when it's a little bit of a let down. I love the clips, though. And I would have swooned at the Wiltern for sure.

  5. Some bands are definitely better suited for smaller venues.

  6. Sometimes I think I should just transplant my ears onto your head. The Cure (X2!!!), Death Cab... You're getting to see all the good shows!

    Thanks for the vicarious pleasure through the clips!

  7. so jealous. totally agree that they're better in smaller venues. i saw them at a hole in a wall venue in Fort Worth during their last tour, and they were AWESOME.

  8. mmm, portable pot pie.

    (i don't know DCFC at all, so that's all i got for ya)

  9. My husband wanted to use "Follow you into the dark" for one of our wedding songs....I felt it might not set the right mood......

  10. i wish i got to see that show, i get super excited everytime I hear Death Cab for Cutie on the Sirius Alt nation.

  11. Looks tasty and fun! Even though it wasn't the best performance ever.

  12. Ahh I went to this concert too! I love Crooked Teeth ... and I'm jealous Zooey Dechanel married him =(


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