Sunday, June 8, 2008


The Monkeys are stuck at Logan Airport because our flight is delayed, and weather in the Midwest is preventing us from flying. We may have to stay in Boston tonight. We shall see.

While we wait, I've bought a wireless connection here, and now I'm starting to upload photos.

In the meantime, check out The JQ Lounge, which has some pictures of my momentous meeting with the fabulous Julie Q yesterday!


  1. Boo to delays! I'm sending my favorite Monkeys all the good travel ju-ju I can muster!

  2. Sucks to be stuck, but glad you had a great time! :) :)

  3. boo to delays! i'm jealous you and julie got to meet! i wanna meet up! i bet you're flying into chi-town--there were supposed to be tornadoes going through there at some point?! weather in mn is muggy and cloudy. safe travels! thinking of you!

  4. :( and logan was never my favorite place to be for longer than an hour or so. granted, that might have been because the united terminal didn't even have a bathroom past security, but still....

    hope you guys are able to make it home soon!

  5. bleh to delays. best wishes for smooth traveling otherwise. can't wait to hear about the reunion.

  6. They've got to get their act together at those airlines! Right now I'm remembering that scene in Devil Wears Prada where she orders Andy to find her a flight during a tornado...

    Get home safely! Yay for Julie Q meeting!


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