Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Model Minority Myth

O, dear Asian-Americans! You are so smart! You are so hard-working! Look! Little Hiro Nakamura is on the cover of Time!
Whipping Boy printed out this article and gave it to me yesterday, which was interesting because I'd read this article earlier in the day.

(Really, click and read both. They are short. And a necessary set-up of a joke to come.)

Lest you think I'm getting all intellectual on your ass, the real reason why I'm referencing these two articles is that they both reminded me of my favorite article from The Onion of all time.

Hydrogen is an adverb! The President of Russia is 2.6! Yeah!


  1. I'm still impressed by how well you speak English with hardly any accent at all. . .

  2. i remember seeing this cover during a TV interview. sooo funny! ;-)

  3. This is why I never talk about how smart Asian-Americans are, I just focus my bitter resentment on the Chinese-Americans. And not all Chinese-Americans, just the one that took me to formal and got into my top choice school. ;-)

  4. i sent this pic to my bf with the subject line "Why did they forget to include ME???"!

    ps. i think i've lost 3 lbs since you haven't been posting a daily onslaught of yummy greasy food that makes me hungry and want to raid the fridge.

  5. I love this post. My entire high school was a standing stereotype of the "Model Minority". Hence why I was shunned by certain acquaintances for failing freshman algebra.

  6. Hard to say...would I rather be thought of as the model minority or as the "bad" minority (like I currently am)? Nonetheless, the article is a good reminder to be cognizant of how Asian Americans are framed in the discussion of race and education in this country.


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