Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Feeling Tired, Feeling Weird, Feeling Fat

Do you ever get a weird feeling about your body?

Like something is not quite right?

I've been feeling so fatigued for no good reason. I'm not exactly the model of fitness, but I've always considered myself a fairly healthy person, notwithstanding my Oprah-like weight fluctuation.

I just have this weird feeling, y'know?

I don't like it. My Spidey senses are trying to tell me something, but I don't know what. What are you saying, Spidey senses?! It is probably nothing, but I hope this nothing goes away.

And I am not pregnant, thank you very much. Aunt Flo just came and went, so no need to go down that road, folks.

Luckily, I had a nice phone call with an old pal from college that I'll be seeing this weekend at our 10-year reunion. That brightened my day. I'm excited because I haven't seen him for two years. Somehow, though, no matter how long it's been since we last chatted, I always feel just like I did years and years ago when we'd talk -- comfortable and happy. After all these years, he still knows exactly what to say to make me laugh.

Aside from my weird body feeling, I also feel weird about seeing people I haven't seen for five or 10 years this weekend. I was discussing this with Curly Fries and Lasagna Man earlier this week, and both said they had no desire to go to their reunions, college or otherwise. Curly Fries said she wouldn't even go if someone paid her, and Lasagna Man's concern was that people would point to him and say, "Wow! He got fat!"

I guess that's a concern of mine, too.

At my heaviest, I'd gained a whopping 48 pounds since college. Then I lost 23 pounds. But I've since gained back eight. That puts me 33.

Gross. GROSS.

It's too late to thin down before this weekend, but I'm thinking I have to get my ass in gear again before I revert to my old super fatty boombalatty self. I look in the mirror, and I can see it in my pudgy face.

The Jabba in me is trying to come back.

The L.A. Times told me so!

When you battle The Jabba, you don't really eat anything very delicious. I am sad just thinking about not having anything tasty or pretty to photograph.


This is what must be done to conquer The Jabba.


  1. I won't tell you what it meant for me the last time I felt really fatigued. :X

  2. feeling gross #2. we can have a pity party together.

  3. I feel fat and tired all the time, too. I used to be quite skinny, but now when I see pictures of myself, more often than not I look bloated. It's disgusting. :/

  4. You should definitely have it checked out . . . my whole ordeal all started when I felt really tired all the time. Seriously take care of yourself, monkey!

    I have no desire to attend reunions too . . . except I do want people in my past to know I'm better off now than I was before. Shallow? Check.

  5. I'm sorry you feel this way.

    As far as the reunion, I'll be thinking of you. And as for the weight a) Remember that everyone else will think you look great despite what you think (because you do) and b)I'm sure most people have gained more weight than you have.

    Oh and when I felt that way, it was my thyroid. Just sayin'

  6. My friend went through a similar thing awhile ago and it turned out she had an hyperactive thyroid or something like that. Apparently 10% of women suffer from this condition. Definitely take care of yourself and have a fabulous time at the reunion!

  7. i'm sad to hear that you're feeling off. i wonder if those tests you had the doc run last week will shed some light? take care, especially since you're going to be doing some traveling.

  8. ditto ditto ditto the thyroid check. PUH-lease.

    And email me when you get back from the reunion Puh-lease.

  9. I am in the feeling gross boat with you. And you've summed up my sadness for fighting my inner Jaba too.

    I hope this weekend shakes off some of the funk and you have a great time. The monkey we know and love is more than just a number on the scale and I'm sure your old pals will see that.

  10. I beg to differ, sometimes the yummiest stuff is out there when battling the plus ++. Especially in LA! Check out Rachael's ... yummm! But it sounds like from all the comments you really might want to have your thyroid checked!!

  11. combined with the skin thing, this is worrisome.

    take care of yourself, weemo. we are no longer spring chickens and the food and lack of activity start really taking a toll.

    i told you i had high cholesterol a year ago and got it back down with diet changes, right? boo to being old.

    15 lbs heavier than when i graduated,

  12. I think we are all feeling particularly puffy lately. Although, if your spidey sense feels that it's something more than a few extra cupcakes, you should probably listen to spidey sense.

  13. heh, that article came a year too late. the marriage 15 must come off soon. sigh. i know, not as fatty, but i need to get back on a healthier track. hope you figure out the fatigue thing. yuck.

  14. lucky for me i gained all my weight in college.. so it can only get better from here on. LOL.. small tear drop

    Don't worry- i'll take you to the coolest bar that has 0 calorie cranberry lime rickies..... and fat free pretzel and beer cheese dip

    and i lied cos i TOTALLY picked up a 'Beat LA' tshirt at city hall today. (now i just hope boston wins tonite so i can keep running my big fat mouth)

    see ya saturday!

  15. feel better weemo! fyi, i'm having my thyroid checked next Monday during my annual physical. ditto what everyone else said...get yours checked if you haven't already!

  16. I'm at about +30 since the time I moved down to socal; those 5 little pounds each year add up!

    Like all those before me, I think you should talk things over with your doctor. I feel like a total hypocrite though for writing that as I have a slight weight-related phobia of doctors.

  17. Oh man, I was SO going down that road! Man, oh man.

    I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Hopefully it's just a passing thing. Make sure to drink a lot of water and get some rest!!

    Hope you feel better and you're totally going to rock your reunion. Don't even sweat it :)

  18. I hope you feel better soon. Take care of you.

    As far as reunions go, I think I'm gonna pass on mine.

    Feel better!

  19. I third (fourth?) getting your thyroid checked - I have hypothyroidism and one of first signs for me that my levels are off is that ass-dragging feeling that you just can't shake.

  20. wow, lots of hypothyroids in here, count me as another one of them.... the fatigued feeling is #1 for me when my levels are off, too. i gain weight---something else you've complained of--when levels are off. you can have a whole host of other problems when you have thryoid disease that are very easy to ascribe to something else: sensitivity to temperature/light, mood swings, etc. it's a simple blood test and the treatment is easy too, once you find your right dosage.

  21. Another thyroid problem person here! Definitely get a checkup - thyroid stuff can really screw you up :-( I hope you feel better soon!!! Get lots of yummy food (being sure to avoid Seven) and rest.

  22. I think you are lovely and are far too hard on yourself.

    That said, I feel you on the feeling fat and tired. Glad/sad I am not the only one.

  23. I'm sorry you're feeling so crappy my friend. I hope that everything turns out well re the tests. For now though, time to switch not just the brain but the heart into "Get it together" mode. Perhaps an abs/pushups/food restriction challenge is in order? We can do it together!

  24. Hi there, been lurking for a while and am now de-lurking! I know what you mean, although my current weight is about 50 lbs less than when I graduated from high school (I was a total chub). 'Though I'm far from skinny, I always fear meeting up with people from high school and having them say: "my, you used to be so fat," especially in the presence of people who don't know my former fat self.

  25. definitely go have things checked out if you're feeling off. usually i find that my gut instinct is right about stuff like that.

    as for the food, you can still eat fun stuff, just smaller portions and slightly healthier. and i know you detest it, but even a little extra exercise does wonders. hang in there :)


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