Saturday, June 21, 2008

It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over (and Then It's Over)

Before I go into my recap of last night, please read about my friend's awesome day yesterday. I think you will like it. Give her some comment love!

Last night, the Dodgers played the Cleveland Indians, which is a pretty big deal, given that interleague play (aside from with the Angels) is a fairly rare occurrence during the normal season.

We sat in the first row of the Loge section near the right field foul pole.
dodgers 007
dodgers 004
dodgers 018
We could see the visiting bullpen from our seats.
dodgers 009
dodgers 008
These yahoos amused us all night.
dodgers 006
All night long, this group of little girls above us kept screaming, "Ethier! Ethier!"
dodgers 023
dodgers 025
Since I know most of you don't care about baseball, I won't bore you with my usual frame-by-frame pitching and batting pics. Here's the food. I know you like food.

Louisiana Red Hot. Spicy. Juicy. Sausage-y.
dodgers 001
Camacho's nachos with chicken with no sour cream, no beans, no salsa, no fun -- the way Mr. Monkey likes it. In contrast, I like everything on my nachos.
dodgers 039
Ice cream cookie sandwich. 500 calories all for Mr. Monkey.
dodgers 041
dodgers 042
Mango Italian ice from the South Street stand. Refreshing in the heat, but not really that great. Too sweet. Very artificial-tasting. I had two bites and handed it to Mr. Monkey.
dodgers 045
The Dodgers played terribly. The Indians led 4-0 for the longest time against young Clayton Kershaw until the Dodgers finally rallied to tie. But even Takashi Saito couldn't save the day. The Indians won in 10 innings, 6-4.

The yahoos were really happy.


  1. I'm starving now. I need baseball food. Yum.

  2. i love me a shout out :-)!!! the only thing that could have maybe made that special day better was a nice ice cream cookie sandwich!! haha. you're the best!

  3. i like my nachos with EVERYTHING on them, too. everything.

  4. I only tolerate baseball recaps because I'm intrigued with what Mr. Monkey will eat next. ;)

  5. i like mr. monkey's nachos.

    and his ice cream sandwich :)

  6. hmmm i think I like either better than the chipwich ;)

  7. wow. those nachos look amazing...


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