Sunday, June 22, 2008

Belmont Shore, Babies Galore, Meat and More

Unexpectedly packed day today. I thought all I had on tap was brunch with friends. Boy, was I mistaken!

I made a short journey with Amber to Long Beach to the reliable Belmont Brewing Company, where we met Wan, tater, Ashley, and ssinca. The objective was to spend some quality time with ssinca before she moves to the land of cowboys.
belmont 001
ssinca had the Grilled Salmon Salad ($9.95) with goat cheese, pine nuts, berries, and raspberry vinaigrette.
belmont 003
Amber dined on a Veggie Scramble ($9.95), which consisted of egg whites, asparagus, tomato, zucchini, basil, avocado, and cheddar cheese.
belmont 004
Ashley opted for the Fiesta Scramble ($9.95) with spicy ground beef, tomatoes, green onions, ortega chiles, cheddar cheese, and sour cream.
belmont 006
tater chose the Combination Plate ($7.45) with French toast, scrambled eggs, and bacon.
belmont 007
I got Dave's Favorite Costa Rican Breakfast ($8.95), which included two fried eggs over a mixture of black beans, rice, diced ham, peppers, onion, and cilantro. It sounded more promising than it actually was. Even so, it was good enough for me to eat it all.
belmont 009
Wan sat too far away for me to photograph her meal, but she ate the Lobster, Scallop, and Shrimp Crepes, which I ordered the last time I came here.

Lest you think we fried in the scalding summer sun, we had the good fortune of sitting inside, where we chatted and laughed and, for once, managed not to get shushed.

Amber and I were lucky enough to get a glimpse of the Bean when we dropped Wan off at the Aquarium of the Pacific, where the Bean and her dad had been hanging out while we brunched.
belmont 011
When I got home, I had barely kicked off my sandals before Mr. Monkey informed me that we were going to his cousin's barbecue. It turns out that this barbecue was, in fact, a post-christening barbecue, and we went empty-handed. And we were two hours late. Ugh. These are times when I wish we wouldn't show up at all. So uncouth. Not my idea.

We ended up huddled inside the air-conditioned living room, watching Little Monkey Niece play.
belmont 016
belmont 014
belmont 024
Cute, but, when we left, I was definitely ready to leave. I was, however, super-duper excited to get my computer back from Mr. Monkey's brother, who had very kindly fixed it after Mr. Monkey got some virus on it. Mr. Monkey's brother even added more memory to my computer! Love him!

When we got home, Mr. Monkey told me we were going to go to dinner with his friends. It is a non-stop adventure being married to this man. I never know what I have to do or where I have to go next. And I sure love meeting new people when I'm a sweaty beast.

We headed to Cham Sut Gol, where 10 of us had dinner together. The food was quite good and the service friendly. I would definitely go back.
cham sut gol 001
cham sut gol 013
cham sut gol 003
cham sut gol 004
cham sut gol 005
cham sut gol 006
cham sut gol 008
cham sut gol 010
cham sut gol 011
cham sut gol 012
Everybody was really cool, and I had a good time. I did know Mr. and Mrs. Vegas, but this was the first time I met Baby Vegas and Toddler Vegas.
cham sut gol 002
Toddler Vegas was such a crack-up!
cham sut gol 014
cham sut gol 016
cham sut gol 017
Mr. and Mrs. Vegas said that Toddler Vegas rarely takes a normal picture, but, with a little coaxing, we got her to do a less crazy pose.
cham sut gol 018
After the meatfest, we stopped to get a much needed sweet icy treat.
cham sut gol 020
So cleansing. It tasted creamier than the last time I had it. Some say that the recipe has changed, perhaps in an effort to approximate the mouthfeel of rival Red Mango. Maybe it was just more melted today because of the heat. Who knows?


  1. Where do I start?!! You crammed so much into your day that I've got too many comments! I'll just do a few:
    1. Monkey niece is clearly spoiled. I spied not one, but two, ride-ons in the pics and tons of other toys. Good job! I think all precious lil beasts deserve nothing less!
    2. Maybe you can make Mr. Monkey pin notes to his shirt when he gets invited places since he forgets to tell you all the time? That's what they did to me in elementary school, since I never gave my mommy important pepers until the last minute (or not at all).

    3. Monkey niece and the Vegas babies are way too cute. I thought my kiddies were super cute, but I realize now, not so much. Those lil ones are way cuter. I wish I could trade mine in for cuter models, but apparently it's not like the Jewelry Exchange where you can keep exchanging until you get exactly the one you want.

  2. Vegas toddler is clearly a diva. I love it. The food from bunch looks fabulous!! I'm really sad that I missed it. AND the bean.

  3. good to see you to eat, as always.
    cham sut gol > manna for all you can eat bbq.
    we have access to each others' google calendars now so that we don't surprise each other with social activities.

  4. so good to see you! wow, can't believe how packed your afternoon/evening ended up being!

  5. mr. monkey kills me with the kiddies. it's so much fun to see the pics you take of him with them.

    as always, it was tons of fun to see you all!

  6. I hope you appropriately quizzed everyone at the BBQ so you are prepared for the next Christening....

  7. I assume dinner was Korean BBQ? If so, yum!

  8. Mr Monkey looks like a fricken sweetie pie.

    No wonder you're smitten.

  9. hahaha, despite your feelings on babies, your always hanging out with them =) what's up with that?

  10. LMN is too cute! Those hot pink socks :) and Toddler Vegas with her painted nails...come on! :)

  11. i'm a firm believer that anyting topped with fried egg is heaven on earth.

  12. i want to gobble up all those babies.
    love how mr. monkey is all about them.

    p.s. my mr. monkey "laid out" on friday. and when I showed up and saw his burnt skin he's like "i'm a pink berry. you LOVE pinkberry. don't get mad." it was pretty adorable. but i was still not pleased.

  13. Too. Much. Food. Except not enough carbs at brunch! What's up with that??

  14. so fun to hang out with you last weekend. thanks again for driving!


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