Monday, June 2, 2008

Praying to the Shrine of The Cure

We saw The Cure again at The Shrine Auditorium last night.
cure shrine 001
cure shrine 005
cure shrine 007
cure shrine 006
cure shrine 010
I love seeing bands at radically different venues back-to-back.
cure shrine 024
Great show, very different feel.
cure shrine 021
This one was filled with true fans, but I liked Sunday's setlist better.

(1) Out of This World
(2) Pictures of You
(3) Fascination Street
(4) alt.end
(5) A Strange Day
(6) The End of the World
(7) The Baby Screams
(8) Lovesong
(9) Sleep When I'm Dead
(10) From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
(11) Lullaby
(12) The Perfect Boy [clips below -- I really dig this new song]

(13) Kyoto Song
(14) The Only One [clip below -- this is a fave new one, too]

(15) Push
(16) How Beautiful You Are
(17) Inbetween Days
(18) Just Like Heaven
(19) Primary
(20) Us or Them
(21) Signal to Noise
(22) One Hundred Years
(23) Bloodflowers

Encore #1
(24) Plainsong [clip below -- so beautiful!]

(25) Disintegration

Encore #2
(26) Three Imaginary Boys
(27) Fire in Cairo
(28) Boys Don't Cry [clip below -- longer than my stupid one from the Bowl]

(29) Jumping Someone Else's Train [clip below]

(30) Grinding Halt
(31) 10:15 Saturday Night [clip below]

(32) Killing an Arab

Encore #3
(33) Faith + Happy Birthday (to 48-year-old bassist Simon Gallup)

I'm so tired. But it's a happy tired.


  1. I'm generally not a chandelier-mofo, but I really dig that pic.

  2. Those are even better seats!

  3. Ooh fun! And I won't even say how many songs I know from those setlists. :-/

  4. Two concerts? You guys are hard core!!

  5. I really loved The Cure in HS. Perhaps it's time for a revisit.

  6. I was just talking to the hubs last night about possible concerts in SD and they're all SO old school this summer! The Cure, Journey, Billy Idol, George if only Depeche Mode made an appearance...

  7. can't be the bowl. even if the shrine is pretty.

  8. i'd compare this to my upcoming weekend of back-to-back jonas brothers shows, but it's just not the same.

  9. Wow, two nights in a row! Impressive, my dear. I love the Shrine.

  10. Wow. I would be happy exhausted if I were you. ;)

  11. I'm so jealous that you got to see them twice! I love Robert Smith, even if I once confused a poster of him with Edward Scissorhands.

    And did you take notes during the concerts or find a playlist online or what? You're a hardcore fan, fo' sho!

  12. I'm so jealousE!!!! I heart the Cure, as you know... The sad thing was I had tickets to this show but they were in the husband's hands, so no Cure for me. That's why it took me so long to comment, since you know normally I would be first in love to share the Cure love. :)


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