Friday, June 20, 2008

Liberty and Good Eats for All


Kerfuffle is in town! Hooray! The sad part is that her visit will again last for only 24 hours. I am a lucky Monkey to have been a part of the schedule. Whee!

From Kerfuffle's hotel, we walked to the nearby Liberty Grill, a great mid-priced American option in downtown.
liberty grill 015
And when I say "American," I'm talking really American. After all, "liberty" is in the name.
liberty grill 034
Liberty Grill is the perfect place to go for a pleasant casual meal, be it for a business lunch or pre-Staples-Center-event dinner. Dinner entrees range from $11.50 for a cheeseburger to $29.00 for a New York steak. There are lots of options in between.

We shared Katie 'n' Megan's Mac and Cheese Bites ($9.00), which are balls of macaroni and cheese coated and fried to perfection, accompanied by a ramekin of tomato sauce. Hands down, this is my favorite item at Liberty Grill.
liberty grill 022
liberty grill 024
Kerfuffle started with a baby greens salad ($7.50).
liberty grill 019
She followed that with pasta pomodoro with grilled chicken ($15.50). Sorry this pic is fuzzy. I snapped it quickly before Kerfuffle dug in!
liberty grill 025
My peppercorn burger ($14.00) -- crusted in black pepper and topped with jack cheese, crispy onion strings, chipotle mayo, lettuce and tomato -- was delicious.
liberty grill 027
And a sweet ending -- red velvet cake ($8.50). The frosting was a bit much for me (but, then again, I feel this way about most frosting). The cake, however, was rich and moist and wonderful.

liberty grill 033

Kerfuffle and I ate and drank and talked and laughed for nearly four hours. We were quite certain that the quiet older couple next to us was eavesdropping on our lively conversation. I wish Kerfuffle could clone herself and live in both L.A. and Florida. I miss her lots!


  1. your photos of the mac and cheese bites have put liberty grill on top of my list of restaurants to try asap. they look incredible!

  2. i loved fried mac and cheese especially at the fair. kinda trailer trash (excuse my un-PC term), no?

  3. I've been reading your blog this past week and must tell you that I really enjoy your blog (your writing, wit, pictures). Which mode do you use when you're taking photos with your D40?

  4. oh yum...fried mac & cheese balls.

  5. mmm... I love those mac n cheese bites! Their wedge salad is fab, too. (and the meatloaf, and the pork loin...)

  6. Kirsten, thanks! I am a photography know-nothing who has yet to learn how to use her camera properly! I still take pictures automatically, so my lovely DSLR is nothing more than a fancy point-and-shoot until I get a clue.

    Nevertheless, even while shooting automatically, you can take better food pics if you use the close-up mode, which is the flower icon on your camera. I try not to use the flash, even in low light, which often gives my pictures a yellowish look, but I often prefer this slight yellow tinge (even though it doesn't look too wonderful) over the harshness of the bluish effect you get with a full flash.

    Sadly, my manual was in the luggage that was lost and never found in Argentina. Until I finally take the time to secure another one (or maybe print it from the web), I'm content with my fancy point-and-shoot. ;)

  7. I have yet to try mac + cheese bites...I'm afraid I will eat them all day, everyday. in the meantime, I will just drool over your pics.

  8. I know what you mean about fancy point-and-shoot! I also have the D40 and haven't really ventured out of the preset modes. Since you lost your manual, these sites are useful and Of course you probably already know about them, but I thought I'd share in case you didn't.

  9. Is it sad that I'm dying to go to the fair because I heard they're serving fried mac and cheese on a stick.

  10. You know...I have never been there! It looks amazing.

  11. Thanks for the links, Kirsten. So sweet of you!

  12. i think i need some of those mac & cheese balls. now.

  13. i gotta make up better names for my friends. you really take the cake - pun intended.


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