Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Final Cantabrigian Brunch

The final Reunion event this weekend was brunch at a dining hall in the Quad. Man, the Quad is far! To this day, I'm still thankful I lived down by the river (albeit not in a van like Matt Foley).

Mr. Monkey literally got a taste of my old life. The food in our dining halls is not that bad for cafeteria food, but it certainly wasn't worth photographing.

I was a shiny sweaty mess again because of the unbearable heat and humidity, but here are some pics with my besties, along with pics of us back in college.

harvard 002
harvard 006
After brunch, Mr. Monkey and I hung out with NYC Mayor for a bit. She had a Zipcar, which Mr. Monkey and I thought was the coolest thing because we had recently learned of this service from another friend! What a coincidence!
harvard 011
harvard 012
We dropped off NYC Mayor's little Matrix and had a nice walk to the Square. It was great catching up with NYC Mayor, and our trek was rather enjoyable even though I was pretty much sopping wet with sweat by the time we sent NYC Mayor on her merry way to her bus back home.

Before we headed to the airport, Mr. Monkey indulged my need to walk around my old campus one last time.

The Square.
harvard 013
boston 108
harvard 016
harvard 017
harvard 046
harvard 045
The Yard and Widener Library (with flags and piled chairs from Commencement).
boston 092
boston 097
boston 096
John Harvard.
boston 106
The buildings where I had most of my classes.
harvard 038
harvard 039
Dexter Gate. (The other side says, "Depart to serve better thy country and thy kind.")
harvard 037
My hideous house.
harvard 035
My brother's beautiful house.
harvard 028
My second home.
harvard 023
harvard 022
My brother's second home.
harvard 027
harvard 024
And this concludes my Reunion weekend, unless you count our 15.5-hour ordeal in trying to get home from Boston amidst bad weather and countless delays.

I don't count that because that was absolutely miserable.


  1. stilllooksame!

    your house is still much cuter than all mine from undergrad combined. blech.

  2. What a great reunion weekend! I didn't know that you and your brother both went to Harvard! Smart asses.

    Mr. Monkey is a great travel companion. He seems like such a great sport!

  3. what a beauitful campus. wow, i feel like such a dork saying that. did you get your jd there as well?

  4. there is nothing like a gorgeous college campus. and a baby cutie monkey wearing guess ;)

  5. Glad you're back! Man, they picked the wrong weekend temp-wise to have the reunion. I think I would have never left my hotel.

  6. that is a really beautiful campus!

    hopefully you received your luggage?

  7. stilllooksame, indeed!

    i think the zipcar idea sounds pretty cool, too.

    and yes, the campus is awesome!

  8. I just have to think about the sun and I turn into a nasty puddle.

    You. Me. Sweat-twinsies.

  9. So I guess Zip Car is like Flex Car? I told one of my kids today about your Hello Kitty suitcase. She sends her h+p and wants to know if a "bad guy stole it".

  10. loved this entry and the walk down memory lane! i adore cambridge and boston. if i had to leave socal, i'd choose to live there! brought back memories of lounging in front of abp with my pals, people watching. ;-)

  11. thanks for the shoutout ;)

    and i love how your post makes boston look even more awesome. great pics!!


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