Saturday, June 14, 2008

The L.A. Team That Didn't Choke

We went to Staples last night to cheer on purple and gold, but it wasn't your usual purple and gold.
sparks 001
sparks 002
sparks 010
Mr. Monkey had free tickets again for his office's suite. Per the instructions on the screen, we did indeed stand and roar until the Sparks scored.
sparks 004
sparks 028
There were reminders everywhere of the Lakers' horrible loss Thursday.
sparks 003
But the Sparks game was surprisingly enjoyable. Funny enough, I had a great time watching the acts in between the game, which were like the Anti-Laker Girls.

The SparKids were like tiny little Laker Girls (and boys).
sparks 021
sparks 006
The Ole School Crew was like Laker Girls Twenty Years Later.
sparks 012
Then there was the Granny League during halftime. Wow.
sparks 020
It was Lisa Leslie's daughter's birthday! Did you know that Lisa Leslie is 6'5" and 170 pounds. So skinny!
sparks 008
Jack Black's courtside antics were rather amusing. You know how celebs usually pretend they don't know they're on the Jumbotron? Not Jack Black! He totally hammed it up!
sparks 022
And so did we! We got on the Jumbotron ourselves last night. The boyfriend of one of Mr. Monkey's co-workers was particularly active and danced up a storm. I was laughing so hard. Too bad I missed out on memorializing it in pixel form.

The food in the suite was nothing special, but I always love the dessert cart. We got a gigantic caramel apple and slice of red velvet cake. Man, I love free stuff.
sparks 016
sparks 017
With persistence and guts, the Sparks won in overtime.
sparks 029
sparks 030
The Lakers could learn a thing or two from their female counterparts.


  1. the bear and i are convinced the nba is a big scam and are about to give up completely.

    maybe it's wnba time.

  2. I saw the older Laker Ladies on Keeping up with the Kardashians. I hope to see them in real life some day. Much more interesting than Kim and the Laker girls, IMO.

  3. I'm so sad you didn't get a picture of yourself on the jumbo tron!

  4. Me thinks Jack Black's agent couldn't get him Laker tickets :/

  5. We were at that game! Free tickets courtesy of my sister's office's (my former employer) suite. Hmmm...I wonder if we crossed paths IRL.

  6. That slice of red velvet cake would be my complete and utter demise right now.

    I'm glad you supported the womens.

  7. the old school crew performed at halftime during one of the lakers games this season. they were pretty funny!

  8. i can't believe you totally beat me to a sparks game. damn!


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