Sunday, June 8, 2008

In Enemy Territory

Ok, so we're currently stuck in Milwaukee now. It's a long story. Perhaps even longer than our day has been.

But it's not an interesting long story, so I'll leave most details out.

The only good thing about Milwaukee is wireless Internet at the airport, so you can all thank Milwaukee for this blog entry. I am told that our flight won't leave until 1:30 a.m. It was supposed to leave at 8:30.

Fuck fuck fuck. I'm going to be a zombie at work.

Our flight troubles started Friday. Our red-eye to our Midwestern hub was delayed 1.5 hours, which caused us to miss our connecting flight. Instead of arriving mid-morning in Boston, we got there in the afternoon.

After all that waiting and lack of restful sleep, this modest room looked like heaven.
boston 001
Needless to say, we crashed and didn't wake up until far too late to do anything meaningful in the city before the first reunion event. Upon arising, we decided to walk around our hotel's surrounding area, which included the aquarium, waterfront, and Quincy Market.
boston 052
boston 064
boston 067
boston 038
boston 035
boston 027
boston 028
boston 039
boston 033
boston 048
boston 017
boston 013
Everywhere we went, we saw "Beat L.A." shirts. Enemy territory!
boston 016boston 015
boston 014boston 012
From a distance, we spotted the Garden. Damn you, Celtics.
boston 040
boston 020
And that's what we did the couple of hours before the "Mexican fiesta" event on Friday night. It was dark at the fiesta, and, honestly, I felt sort of awkward, so I didn't end up taking photos on Night One.

But you'll be happy to know I got over that on Day Two, so stay tuned.

And, after writing all of this, I am still sitting at the damn airport in Milwaukee with a stuffy nose. Ugh.


  1. hope you get out of wisCAHNsin soon. yikes. :(.

    boo to the enemy!

  2. Oh, how I miss that food. Sigh.

    I hope you get the fuck out of Milwaukee soon!!!!!

  3. damn celtics is right! :/

    i'm really sorry you're in airport hell right now. good vibes for getting home soon!

  4. Looks like it was a good weekend until the flights.
    I hope you get home soon!!!
    Thanks for going out of your way to continue blogging.

  5. ack, and it has to be milwaukee of all places...

  6. I wish you could have seen my heart soar when saw your pics of Faneuil Hall. I mean literally sore, it lifted my chest!

  7. We were stuck at the airport this weekend for a 1 hour delay. I should always remember that no matter how bad it gets, there is always someone in the world suffering more than me.

    I'm sorry that person was you. Boo.

    Can't wait to hear more about the trip!

  8. Um, helllooo lobster sandwich! Looks tasty. :) Can't believe you had to endure Boston right now...of all times! ;) I hope you get home and get some rest.

  9. Hope you made it out of Milawaukee in one piece! Can't wait for Day 2!

  10. okay, i obsessed with the pic of mr. monkey and the lobster!!! so cute!

  11. This post put a big smile on my face. Yay for enemy territory!

    H hates the shirts made specifically for the playoffs... I mean, what do you do with a "Beat LA" shirt after the playoffs? You know?

  12. love fenway and the sox, but f*ck celtics =) lol

    you great at in your reunion pics!


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