Thursday, January 15, 2009

Boy Meets World

Noodle World serves pan-Asian cuisine in a huge cafeteria-like room.
noodle world 007
noodle world 008
It's no wonder the place looks like a cafeteria. It used to be a Bob's Big Boy. The Los Angeles Times reported the history behind the Big Boy earlier this week.
noodle world 010
Bob still overlooks the room, but the cuisine has changed drastically. One thing that has stayed the same, however, is the reasonable pricing. Our lunch cost about $12 a head, including tax and tip.

Shrimp fried rice. Pretty standard.
noodle world 011
Spicy spaghetti. Surprisingly delicious. It's like a Chinese mom made Italian food.
noodle world 012
Chicken with chilies. Quite good, but it should've been spicier.
noodle world 013
Chicken pad thai. A couple notches above mediocre.
noodle world 014
Chicken curry. Also a couple notches above mediocre.
noodle world 015
Almond and honey milk tea with boba. Deeeeeelicious.
noodle world 017
Oreo chocolate milkshake smoothie. I didn't name it. Or drink it.
noodle world 018
With its extensive menu, Noodle World is kind of like an Asian version of The Cheesecake Factory. But better. And less likely to serve reheated frozen food. Notwithstanding the spotty service, my co-workers and I will definitely be back just for the variety of reliable dishes.


  1. ahh noodle world. yup, most stuff is just a couple of notches above mediocre. reliable and good for the wallet, though. :)

  2. I want spaghetti cooked by a chinese mom, sounds tasty!

  3. i think i've seen a noodle world in pasadena... but it may have closed. looks like a good takeout place! as a sidenote: i heart HK-style spaghetti (and all canto-western food in general). i dated a taiwanese guy for 2 years and we ate quite a bit of it. ;-)

  4. You have so many more flavors of Boba than we do. I need to get some soon. Not today since it's 20 below 0.

  5. Ahhhh Noodle World. Brings back good memories.

  6. love the bob's big boy.

    [for the record, not the restaurant. just the boy.]

  7. Mmm ... that Chicken with Chilies does look good. Could you ask for more spice next time?

  8. The menu reminds me of Noodle Planet - which was our regular date night in college!

  9. D puffy hearts the spicy spaghetti b/c it reminds him of his mom's. Dahahaha. He told me secret ingredient is ketchup.

    After Noodle World remodeled, it doesn't taste the same like it use to. The quality has gone down.

    You should try the beef steak w/ rice or the mint leaf chicken. Both my favs. I wish they'd bring back their shaved ice station.

  10. noodle world is a favorite of my cousins. they're all appalled that i've never tried it. i think i better remedy that, stat.

  11. I need to try that spicy spaghetti.

  12. Another spot I haven't been to. I wasn't impressed by the food until I got to the drinks. Yay. And I used to love BBB.

  13. I really liked that article you linked to. I've only been to Bob's Big Boy once. The only reason I went is because David Lynch used to go every day for a milkshake, and I was mildly obsessed with seeing a BBB for myself.

  14. I tend to like things oreo related. ;)


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