Friday, January 16, 2009

Holy Moly

For a number of reasons, it's been sort of a tough week at work.

But the hole in my ceiling really took the cake.
hole 001
hole 004
W. T. F.

I really lost it the morning I laid eyes on this gaping upward chasm.

There were bits and bits of ceiling and little pieces of God-knows-what all over my computer, keyboard, desk, floor, chair, etc.

I'm told there are ventilation issues, and my office is the ideal entry point.


The next day?
hole 001
A second hole. Gah. My office is so cold that you could hang meat in it.

I'm so glad there was "CAUTION" tape. Otherwise, I would never have known not to crawl up into my ceiling. Hmph.


  1. I still think you should crawl up there.

    boo to a cold office with ceiling bits everywhere!

  2. How strange- I have had men crawling in the vents above my office the past two weeks. It's annoying, and loud. I didn't have ceiling dandruff on my keyboard though, so your situation was worse.

  3. Wow. This seems dangerous. I hope they fix those holes soon.

  4. Maybe they are filming Die Hard 5 in your office building? Or, they think you are Dwight and wanted to stuff your phone up there so you couldn't find it if it rang...

    Or, its construction.

    its totally #1

  5. Demand to know when the holes will be gone. I went through a week of hell last week--jack hammers and demolition right next to my office. I had to vacate because debris and pieces of cinder block kept falling on me.

    Hey--can we sue?

  6. But where would BlackOps have their headquarters???

  7. Sorry, but I'm laughing my ass off. This is why you should have a variety of back up clothes, scarves, and fuggs in your office, just in case.

  8. I'm thinking it's Ocean's 14 and someone is planning on robbing your office. You should get in touch with Brad and George and see if you can be their inside man.

  9. UGH. i should blog about the "ventilation issues" that my studio at school has and which explains why we all got sick/"allergies" all last semester.

    anyway, wtf to the holes. wtf.

  10. You almost made me chortle. . . And it's like 3 am and the baby's asleep next to me. You need to warn your readers when we are about to read a particularly hilarious post!

  11. ugh. that is not cool, yo.

    oh. pun not intended.

  12. OMG, I totally wanted to climb in to the hole until I saw the caution tape. Whew!! Really dodged a bullet there!

    I hope it's fixed now. Sucks!

  13. i really hope ya'll don't have asbestos up there. :/


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