Sunday, January 4, 2009

Steak and Singing

To celebrate Neyonce's new position, we went to Fleming's with a few of Mr. Monkey's co-workers. I took this photo in November, but it fits here. Sort of.
auto show 138
Fleming's is not that interesting. It is a steak chain in the same vein as The Palm, Morton's, or Ruth's Chris.

I had a White Cosmo (Ketel One, Peach Schapps, white cranberry juice, lemon zest, and dried blueberries). It was quite lovely.
flemings 003
I had a tough time taking photos during dinner. It was really dim, so I finally resorted to flash for a few shots. When I did, a manager came and asked why I was taking photos. I explained that I blog and photograph everything I eat. She looked incredulous. You know what I say to that?
flemings 012
That butter pat summed up my feelings perfectly. Big boo!

Notwithstanding the meanie manager, I forged ahead. Mr. Monkey started with the French onion soup. This was my fave of the night. Really hearty.
flemings 005
After the soup, Mr. Monkey noshed on a bacon-wrapped petite filet mignon and lobster tail. Both were good.
flemings 011
I tried the Chilean sea bass. Also good.
flemings 010
We shared a number of sides, including the famous Fleming's potatoes with cream, jalapeƱo, and cheddar cheese.
flemings 015
I'd heard raves about these from various sources, but these were terrible. The potatoes were woefully underdone, almost crunchy. They also didn't have nearly as much flavor as you'd think with those tasty ingredients. Perhaps this was a fluke, but I felt so bad about insisting on ordering these damn potatoes when Mr. Monkey really wanted sauteed sweet corn instead. Double big boo!

Luckily, the other sides were better. I really liked the creamed spinach.
flemings 016
The chipotle cheddar macaroni and cheese was enjoyable.
flemings 014
Double-cut shoestring fries and onion rings comprised the half and half. Yum. Too bad you can't see them so far away behind the candle.
flemings 017
We shared a few desserts. The frozen lemon gingersnap pie consisted of frozen custard with vanilla, fresh ginger, and raspberry lemon foam. Icy, tart, light.
flemings 019
The chocolate peanut butter sandwich was just the opposite. The chocolate cookie crust, peanut butter mousse, and raspberry jam were so heavy that each of us could only stomach a couple bites. I think we only finished half of one.
flemings 018
Everybody seemed to enjoy their meals.
flemings 004
Truthfully, though, I doubt I'll go to Fleming's again on my own volition. It was fine. It just wasn't great. I'd much rather spend that kind of money on greatness.

The night was young, though. Much more fun was yet to come.

Rosen Music Studio has surpassed Orchid in my karaoke heart. It is cleaner and has superior state-of-the-art systems with lasers, better service, comparable song selection, and lower prices. Good times.
rosen 021
rosen 023
rosen 024
rosen 025
rosen 026
rosen 028
rosen 029
rosen 031
rosen 034
rosen 035
rosen 036
rosen 037
rosen 038
rosen 040
rosen 043
rosen 046
rosen 047
rosen 048
rosen 050
rosen 053
rosen 054
rosen 058
rosen 060
rosen 062
rosen 063
rosen 064
rosen 069
rosen 078
rosen 072
rosen 073
"In Da Club" with pomeranians on the screen equals awesomeness.


  1. That's sad, re: Flemings. I love your song choices, and the hilarious random videos.

  2. yeah, fleming's is boo. i think it's related to pf changs which should explain its mediocrity. good thing you had karaoke to liven things up!!!

  3. That karaoke place also features microphone condoms!

  4. For a dipshit manager, their food still looked pretty comforting and amazing!!
    I'm surprised all your food pictures are without a flash. It seems like the only good pics my dinky canon takes are with a flash :)

    WeeMo online photog seminar in '09? Yes, please.

  5. Oh Nanners, I was gonna say they look like hair nets but that analogy works too :D

    Sad about Flemings. I've always wanted to try it.

  6. Boo to bad potatoes and dessert at Fleming's. Both of those sound like they suffered from execution issues. *shaking fist at the chef*

    But yay for gangsta pomeranians. <3

  7. Too bad the Flemings food was underwhelming. It looks pretty damn good in those pictures.

  8. You need a candlelight setting on your camera!

    I've never paid full price for Flemings, maybe that's why I like it. They always send us coupons!

  9. DYING at the poms in tha club. Dying.

  10. LOL at the karaoke gang signs!

  11. I looooove karaoke videos. Mr. Monkey seems to be quite the karaoke star.

  12. the karaoke looks like so much fun. and i have to say that the mac and cheese and the french onion soup look amazing. that stinks about the sides, but i think i would go just for that mac and cheese, haha.

  13. You got fish at Fleming's?! For shame woman! Bummer about the potatoes, they are actually delish. The creamed corn is also good, But I can never bring myslef to pay that much money for... corn.

  14. you totally got shafted with the fleming's potatoes.

  15. That white cosmo looks awesome.

  16. When someone asks you why you are taking pictures you should totally tell them that you are a food critic. Well you are since you write about restaurants on your website. Keep it up! I think you are a great food critic.

  17. love the kung fu panda getting ready to eat at fleming's. yay for f butter at least?

    people = shit? really?!?

  18. I'm never missing Kareokefest now. Something about kareoke, lazers, and random videos with music = fun!

    Go ahead with your bad self Mr. Monkey, he was belting it out.

  19. Those videos are so random. And funny.

  20. i'm sad your flemings experience didn't live up to expectations.

    steak + karaoke = fun night


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