Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This will be a quick post for a quick lunch. I went to the Rosemead branch of Shin-Sen-Gumi today with Frenchman and Fooz.
shin sen gumi 001
shin sen gumi 009
I got my usual Calpico and convinced Frenchman to try it. I told him, "It tastes like pinkberry!"
shin sen gumi 002
That was enough to sell him on it. He liked it.

I shook these spices all over the contents of my bowl.
shin sen gumi 004
And I slurped up this little baby -- a half portion of Hakata ramen ($4.75) with chasu pork ($0.50). You can't see them, but there are noodles in there, I swear.
shin sen gumi 005
Good. Not as good as Daikokuya, but still pretty good.
shin sen gumi 008
Definitely good enough for us to demolish our bowls.

And...I'm done. Only 10 minutes to draft this post. That's speed-blogging, bitches.


  1. ramen!! i went to daikokuya earlier this week with my sis. we HAD to satisfy the craving, and it was perfect ramen-slurping weather. we are always ultimo piggies and get 2 bowls of ramen + gyoza + fried rice. yeah. seriously. i also always order calpico!! are we food twins or what??

  2. dang. that's fast for a photo post. looks yummy. our many attempts to go to shin sen gumi have failed.

  3. I am curious . . . do you take your Nikon to work everyday?

    I've done that once or twice but it's just too much to take along with the laptop backpack and purse for me.

  4. Very rarely do I take my Nikon to work. This was my little Canon point-and-shoot, as are most of my weekday lunch posts.

  5. I'm jealous...this post alone is enough motivation for me to start really studing for the mcat; med school on the west coast (esp. LA) = great food.

    Thanks for the motivation.

    P.S. Calpico is awesome.

  6. bow down to speedy blogger!!
    i heart calpico.

  7. Speed blogging, indeed. What the pho, I say.

  8. I would assume that speed blogging is like speed dating, so I'm expecting 8-10 more blog posts within the next hour.

  9. Totally agree, their Hakata Ramen is waaaay better than Aji-sen-NO.

  10. that looks delish. daikokuya was fabulous, but a trek for me. actually, this place is, too.


  11. I need your ninja bloggin skillz!

  12. looks good, but not as good as the stuff from daikokya. ;)


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