Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tot, Tech, Tea

No personal emo side today (perfect characterization, Pamela)! The thoughts and doubts and questions continue. They swim around in my head. They probably always will.

But today was not the day I seized the day.

We gave Little Monkey Niece this scratch-n-sniff Small Paul shirt last week.
orochon 049
orochon 050
Today she sported it at dim sum.
scratchsniff 001scratchsniff 003
scratchsniff 005
scratchsniff 008
scratchsniff 009
Mr. Monkey and I tried to go to Circuit City afterward.
scratchsniff 012
I guess we weren't the only ones who wanted to get some electronic deals and steals. Needless to say, we didn't go in. I took this picture from the car.

Our consolation prizes were free Berry and Apple Chai Tazo Tea Infusions. I thought they were too sweet. Mr. Monkey loved them.
scratchsniff 010
Going through the pictures I took today, I decided I agree with Sable Crow -- the art is with the photographer, not the camera. If you're ever curious about whether I took a photo with my DSLR or my point-and-shoot, you can click on the photo and go to its Flickr page to see the info.

Today's pics were from my point-and-shoot. w00t!


  1. One of my favorite flickr photographers uses a point and shoot, but her pictures are amazing.

    So I agree with you and Sable Crow. :)

  2. I'm guessing it's not worth it for me to buy a fancy camera since my pictures will probably suck regardless!

    scratch + sniff PF shirt? I want one!

  3. LMN is always dressed so cute and age appropriate!

    And if the tea is too sweet for you, I'm not even going to try it.

  4. That t-shirt is adorable for LMN! I never thought I'd like living in LA but after seeing people walking around in shorts in January I am now thinking about it.

  5. I know a few fine art photographers who use a P&S as often as an SLR. One day when everyone and their momma only owns a DSLR I wouldn't be surprised if point and shoots became their "fancy" niche.

    I want a scratch and sniff shirt! Only I want mine to have cheesecake, chips & salsa, choc. chip cookies, and french fries. Man, that would help with my diet!

  6. Now that everybody has a DSLR, I don't feel so special anymore.

  7. I had a berry chai tea infusion today and loved it! And mine was not free.

  8. ohmygosh, I want a Little Monkey Niece!

  9. LMN is such a cutie! What's a bomb pop smell like?

  10. ooh, even i wouldn't have done the apple chai :X

  11. ugh. i neeeed scratch and sniff clothing.

  12. Ooooh...a scratch and sniff t-shirt!

  13. the pic of LMN and you is really cute.

    i've tried the hot apple chai tazo tea and i thought it was gross. blech!


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